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Dal sito DeadLine:

Disney Talking ‘Pirates Of The Caribbean’ Reboot With ‘Deadpool’ Scribes Rhett Reese & Paul Wernick

EXCLUSIVE: Disney is exploring a reboot of its billion dollar Pirates of the Caribbean franchise. The studio has met with the writing team of Rhett Reese & Paul Wernick and they are in early talks to write the script. Reese & Wernick are the writers behind the first two Deadpool blockbusters, and before that wrote Zombieland and its sequel, and 6 Underground, the action film that Michael Bay is directing for Netflix with Ryan Reynolds starring.

Jerry Bruckheimer will continue to captain the ship as producer on Pirates of the Caribbean, but at this point it is too early to say who else might be back and that includes Johnny Depp, who has channeled Rolling Stones’ rogue Keith Richard in playing Jack Sparrow through the first five films. It is not surprising the studio will try to breathe new pirate life into the franchise, as the first five films grossed north of $4.5 billion over 14 years.

WME reps Wernick & Reese.
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veramente non se ne sente il bisogno ne di un reboot ne du un sesto capitolo in generale
CITAZIONE (Fulvio84 @ 25/10/2018, 15:17) *
veramente non se ne sente il bisogno ne di un reboot ne du un sesto capitolo in generale

Io non sentivo il bisogno neanche dei primi cinque eheheh.gif
Scrooge McDuck
Mi sembra davvero che non sappiano dove sbattere la testa. Cioè, dico io, hanno programmato il futuro di ogni pellicola della Marvel e della Lucasfilm, sembrava che volessero fare un sesto capitolo conclusivo dei Pirati riportando sullo schermo i personaggi dei primi capitoli e invece scopriamo che non sanno davvero più cosa inventarsi, non hanno programmato un fico secco (cioè, è così difficile impostare tutto come fanno negli studios Marvel e Lucas?) ma viaggiano a vista.

A sto punto facciano una serie tv per il servizio streaming e ciao, tanto ormai quel portale sta diventando il contenitore di ogni contenuto che non sanno dove mettere. Se proprio voglio sfruttare il brand almeno che non lo mandino in vacca al cinema

Dal sito Hollywood Reporter intervista a Sean Bailey, a capo della divisione dei film live action:

Q: You've hired Deadpool scribes Rhett Reese and Paul Wernick to work on a possible Pirates of the Caribbean reboot. Can Pirates survive without Johnny Depp?

Sean Bailey: We want to bring in a new energy and vitality. I love the [Pirates] movies, but part of the reason Paul and Rhett are so interesting is that we want to give it a kick in the pants. And that's what I've tasked them with.

Dal sito Forbes:

How To Save A Fast $90 Million On Your Pirates Movie: Write Johnny Depp Out Of The Thing

The dead weeks of the holidays are the perfect outpost from which to contemplate all manner of upheaval. Not least, since there are so many very lively dead and/or cursed characters in the thing, it's the best possible moment to consider what the heck the billion-dollar Pirates of the Caribbean franchise is going to look like going forward, minus America's and possibly the world's most lovable Keith Richards-manqué, the billion-dollar man himself, Johnny Depp. Because the hard-to-imagine is here: nobody's thinking about bringing on Johnny for the next one, at his reported $90-million per. Least of all Disney, who have just brought on the Deadpool writers Rhett Reese and Paul Wernick to pen the script for the sixth installment and, as described by Disney production czar Sean Bailey, to give the 16-year-old franchise "a kick in the pants."

We might reasonably wonder, who's gonna wear the all the rings and smashed-up dangly hair and bracelets and that stiff leather bucket of a hat? Who's going to ignore all manner of deadly peril and still crack wise? Who's gonna give us Keith-with-a-sword, somehow funnier and better than Keith? How can it be matched, that insouciant, dancerly step from the topmast of his sinking ship to the dock in the opener lo these many years ago? Who's going to bring all that lovable, railing, vainglorious, high-ironic shtick? Apparently, nobody. Or, since the thing is just now being written, much less trailered, nobody's been thought of to do that yet.

With the last release back in '15, we can examine the timeline and the bottom line for a few clues as to how this line of producer-think came about. As we know, Dead Men Tell No Tales is the absolute runt of the five-film Pirates litter, coming in as late as it did, plagued with script to-ing and fro-ing, and pulling a franchise-low $172-million domestic gross over a budget of $230-million. Let's not weep for Disney just yet, since the film pulled in a hearty $788-million worldwide. That's better than a half-billion dollars, or 200 per cent, earned on the quarter-billion-dollar budget.

But, the trouble of getting there: The screenwriter for Dead Men was Jeff Nathanson, who delivered a soldierly, if extravagantly cobbled-together product while being saddled with -- you guessed it -- Johnny himself as a writing partner or very heavily-involved reader, take your pick. There are no bylines on the individual chunks of the Dead Men script, but when a producer is paying an enormously talented actor in the many millions, say ninety of them, and said actor has been in the role for a dozen years by that point, we can fairly estimate that the scenes involving his character would be some of the more highly wrought, if not overthought, set pieces ever to see the silver screen. If they weren't then just filmed at great cost and then cut.

And in fact, Dead Men was narratively flatter and more attenuated than, say, the ebullient Black Pearl opening installment, which had so many bright, fun things to say about the folly of colonialism and the folly of everything else back in 2003, in the teeth of the second Iraq war. With Dead Men, in 2015, the audience voted with their feet, giving it the lowest opening weekend of the franchise. Nota bene: that still bumped in some $62-million, a figure that would have delighted any number of producers.

Sembra sempre più probabile che Depp non faccia parte della partita questa volta...
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