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Versione completa: Marvel e NetEase creano nuovi supereroi cinesi per film, libri, fumetti, videogame, serie tv ecc.
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Da ChinaFilmInside:

Marvel and NetEase to Create New Chinese Superheroes For Marvel Universe

The new Chinese superheroes could end up in future Marvel movies.

Marvel Comics is teaming up with Chinese internet giant NetEase to create new Chinese superheroes to join the Marvel Universe.

The agreement will also see 12 Marvel comics including Spider-Man, Captain America, and Guardians of the Galaxy become officially available on NetEase’s comics platform.

The deal was announced by Disney China and NetEase in Shanghai on Friday and confirmed on the official Marvel and NetEase Comics social media accounts.

Chinese comic book artist “Keng,” Zhou Liefen (周烈焚), and playwright Shui Zhu (水珠) are already working on creating the new characters, according to Chinese entertainment news site Mtime.

Disney and Marvel are already hugely popular in China and any new intellectual property created could feasibly end up feeding future Marvel movies.

In May last year, Joe and Anthony Russo, the directing duo behind Marvel Studios’ blockbuster Captain America franchise, signed on with a Chinese production firm to create an original Chinese superhero trilogy.

Then, in September last year, Marvel Comics great Stan Lee announced he was entering the Chinese film market by co-creating a new superhero movie character, Monkey Master.

The NetEase deal marks the first official project to create Chinese superheroes for the Marvel Universe.


Da Technode:

Marvel is coming to NetEase and bringing a new super hero

Chinese internet portal and gaming company NetEase has reached a collaboration agreement with Disney and China International Comics and Games Expo (CCG EXPO) allowing them to publish 12 Marvel comics on NetEase’s digital comic platform, according to a report by ifanr (in Chinese).

Comics introduced on the platform include Guardians of the Galaxy, Amazing Spider-Man, The Avengers, Dr. Strange, Captain America: Steve Rogers, Civil War, Iron Man, and more. Right now, the most popular title is Civil War.

The two sides have also announced that they are developing a top-secret superhero from China. The aim is to create a modern Chinese superhero based on Marvel’s elements with inspiration from modern China. So far Marvel has only featured Chinese characters as supporting characters or as villains, such as the Mandarin from Iron Man.

The comics are just the first step. NetEasy and Disney plan to collaborate on developing games, films, novels, and other products.

Marvel, much like Disney, has been popular among Chinese fans for a while. So far, movies from Marvel’s series have grossed more than RMB 8 billion in China. Sales volume of related consumer goods, both in print and digital domains, have been rising by more than 55% for three years in a row.
Da La Presse:

Marvel creerà il primo super-eroe cinese nella storia dei suoi fumetti
La casa editrice di Spiderman lavorerà con la società asiatica NetEase

Marvel lavorerà con la società cinese NetEase per creare il primo super-eroe di fumetti cinese della storia del brand. La casa editrice statunitense, creatrice di personaggi-icona come Spiderman e Captain America, ha firmato con NetEase un accordo. Marvel ha autorizzato la società cinese a pubblicare su internet in Cina 12 copie di sue storie a fumetti, comprese 'Guardiani della galassia', 'The Amazing Spider-Man' e 'Captain America'. Finora nei botteghini cinesi i film basati sui fumetti Marvel hanno incassato oltre 8 miliardi di yuan, pari a 1,03 miliardi di euro.
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