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Chissà che l'idea di quello che doveva essere un film di Jon Favreau, "Magic Kingdom", non sia stata in qualche modo rielaborata in questa possibile serie TV. Potrebbe venirne fuori qualcosa di interessante, tipo "Fantasyland" degli anni '70 o qualcosa di più fantascientifico o antologico come "Ai confini della realtà".

Da Inside the Magic

Disney theme park TV show in the works at ABC, ‘Agent Carter’ showrunners involved

Disney has quite frequently been using their theme park properties to create fantastical films such as the ‘Tomorrowland‘ and ‘Pirates of the Caribbean‘. Now it seems they have turned their eyes towards your TV screen with an hourlong drama based on ‘the Disney theme park mythology‘ being sold to the Disney-owned network ABC.

Not much is known yet about this mysterious project, but Deadline is reporting that ‘Agent Carter‘ showrunners Michele Fazekas and Tara Butters are involved and the project is currently going under the code name of ‘Hyperion‘. The ‘Hyperion‘ name comes from the studio Walt Disney created back in 1925 called ‘The Walt Disney Hyperion Studios.’

If this project takes off it will be exciting to see what kind stories this TV show will tell. Will we get a creation-of-the-Disney Parks type of story or maybe a more adventurous take on the parks like in the ‘Kingdom Keepers‘ book series by Ridley Pearson?
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