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La nuova stagione della serie animata dedicata agli Avengers sarà intitolata Avengers Secret Wars.

Nella nuova stagione ci saranno un sacco di nuovi eroi: Visione, Capitan Marvel, Ms Marvel, Pantera Nera, Jane Foster-Thor, Wasp e Ant-Man.

Da BleedingCool:

Marvel Announces Secret Wars, The TV Show, With Ms Marvel, Captain Marvel, Black Panther And Jane Foster’s Thor

Marvel has just announced, at San Diego Comic-Con, that the next season of the Avengers cartoon on TV will be renamed Avengers: Secret Wars.

As well as the usual line-up of Avengers, it will feature the following cast of new Avengers, The Vision, Captain Marvel, Ms Marvel, Black Panther, Wasp, Ant-Man, pictured below, as well as the Jane Foster version of Thor.

Qui il logo:

Da Outerplaces:

Finally, it was announced that the Avengers animated series will be returning for a fourth season. It was previously rumored that the third season of the show would be the last, but it turns out that's not the case. The new season, titled Avengers: Secret Wars, will largely focus on a new team of Avengers after the original Avengers disappear. The new team will be made up of newly introduced heroes Ms Marvel, Captain Marvel, Vision, Ant-Man, Wasp, and Thor (Jane Foster); with Black Panther as their leader.
Articolo in italiano da Havocpoint:

SDCC 2016: annunciato Avengers: Secret Wars

Continuano le avventure animate dei Vendicatori con una nuova serie annunciata durante il San Diego Comic-Con 2016, Avengers: Secret Wars. Questa volta i vendicatori non si troveranno ad affrontare solo qualche nemico per salvare la terra, ma tutta la realtà. Il team degli Avengers vedrà la partecipazione anche di Black Panther, Ms. Marvel, Captain Marvel, Ant-Man, The Wasp e Vision.

Oltre alla serie sugli Avengers, Marvel ha altresì annunciato una nuova serie su due dei personaggi più amati dei Guardiani della Galassia, Rocket Racoon e Groot. Il nome di questa serie è Rocket & Groot ed è diretta da Arnauld Delord e creata da Passion Pictures.

Entrambe le serie andranno in onda su Disney XD.
Da AskWacker:

Wait, I read somewhere that Captain Marvel isn't showing up until Secret Wars, next season. Is this true, and if not, when exactly can we expect her to show up??? I've been waiting for months. She's really important to me. sad.gif
I would stop believing everything read online.

I’ve said for a couple years that she’ll appear in season 3.

Da AskWacker:

Great work with Avengers! Especially Season 3 keeps getting better and better and amps up the adventure and story! Is there any chance for Iron Man to have a new armor down the line? Are there any plans for him (and the rest of the core Avengers) in season 4, a.k.a. Avengers: Secret Wars?
Thanks! It all starts with Dani, Eugene and Jeff. They are working hard with the show’s Exec. (Marsha Griffin) to make you happy.

We’ve discussed redesigns on IM and others eventually, but it’s difficult to change mid-season due to many production realities that I won’t go into.

Will Jane Foster be Thor in upcoming episodes/seasons?
She will definitely be Jane Foster. As for what happens next…you need to watch!

Is the Wasp in Avengers: Secret Wars supposed to be Hope van Dyne?
Heck yeah!

Blue Marvel in AA season 4?
Good idea, but no plans.

I really wish Marvel would promote some of their newer characters who aren't super popular (ex. Spider-Gwen, Ms. Marvel) outside of comics. Let people know who Wiccan is or Kate Bishop. Or Finesse and Amadeus Cho.
It’s a fine line we have to walk because the expectations of hard-core fandom are very different from our audience of kids who we are introducing the Marvel Universe to.

I understand the love of our characters as much as anyone, but to me, it’s very important that these shows not become an overwhelming Handbook of the Marvel Universe with a bunch of characters most kids don’t recognize.

So I like to pick our shots as we’re doing this season with Ms. Marvel, Capt. Marvel, et al. You’ll see more new characters next season in Secret Wars, but only as the story dictates.

From there they can go to the movies s–and even more importantly the comics– to really get a sense of the breadth of our universe.

Alle domande sul suo tumblr, Stephen Wacker ha risposto e ha detto che c'è l'intenzione della Marvel di realizzare anche la quinta stagione di Avengers dopo Averngers Secret Wars.

Qui tutte le informazioni sulla quarta stagione da AskWacker:

will we see the team from avengers secret wars work together in avengers ultron revolution? or will that teams formation come in secret wars?
They are all Avengers.

Can we expect to see more Hulk villains like the U-Foes in animation at some point?
That’d be cool.

We will ever see Black Widow laugh or cry in the animated shows?

I've heard that the new Wasp in Avengers Assemble: Secret Wars is Hope Van Dyne? We've already seen Janet before in tie-in comics and she looks pretty young, does that mean Hank and Janet aren't her parents in the MAU?
My wife looks pretty young. It happens.
WAIT! Wait!…my wife IS young! That’s what I meant!!
(Can she read these?)

how many seasons how AA do you have planned? please tell me more than 4.
We don’t tend to plan out seasons until they get picked up by the network, but I do have a basic idea for a season 5 if we get there.

Betty Ross will be appear Avengers Assemble & became the Red She-Hulk?
No plans at the moment.
Da Badtv:

Hayley Atwell tornerà nei panni di Agent Carter, ma in versione animata

Tra i molti personaggi che hanno accompagnato Captain America nelle sua avventure, l’agente Peggy Carter (Hayley Atwell) è sicuramente uno dei più amati, tanti da guadagnarsi uno spinoff tutto suo, trasmesso in America a partire da gennaio del 2015 sulla ABC e molto apprezzato dalla critica, ma cancellato prematuramente dopo sole due stagioni e 18 episodi a causa degli ascolti molto bassi.
Nonostante la cancellazione della serie, i fan del personaggio e dell’attrice (attualmente impegnata sul set del nuovo show della ABC, Conviction) hanno continuato a sperare che il viaggio di Agent Carter non si interrompesse e la Atwell stessa non fatto mistero del suo desiderio di poter tornare a vestire i panni di Peggy. A quanto pare, sia il desiderio del pubblico che quello dell’attrice è stato esaudito, anche se non nel modo in cui probabilmente ci si aspettava: come rivelato infatti durante il panel del New York Comic-Con della Marvel Animation, Peggy Carter tornerà con una serie animata dal titolo Marvel’s Avengers: Secret Wars.

Il cartoon è stato originariamente lanciato nel 2013 con il titolo di Avengers Assemble, il sequel del cartone The Avengers: Earth’s Mightiest Heroes! A partire dalla terza stagione, la serie animata è stata rinominata Marvel’s Avengers: Ultron Revolution, mentre – per la quarta stagione – prenderà appunto il nuovo titolo di Marvel’s Avengers: Secret Wars.

Oltre a Peggy Carter, nella serie, verranno introdotti personaggi come Black Panther e Ant-Man e, al momento, la Marvel Animation non ha rilasciato la data della messa in onda, anche se è presumibile immaginare che la vedremo sugli schermi a partire dal 2017. La Atwell presterà ovviamente la voce al suo personaggio animato e, sebbene non sarà esattamente come avere una terza stagione di Agent Carter, i fan dovranno accontentarsi di questo compromesso.

Marvel’s Avengers: Secret Wars sara trasmesso negli Stati Uniti dalla Disney.
Oltre alla serie animata sono previsti una serie di 6 cortometraggi per introdurre i nuovi eroi (Pantera Nera, Ant-Man, Captain Marvel, Wasp e Ms Marvel) al pubblico.

Da Collider:

‘Marvel’s Avengers’ Season 4 to Feature “Secret Wars” Storyline

Well before Marvel’s Avengers reunite in live-action form for Avengers: Infinity War next May, their cartoon counterparts will be teaming up for Season 4 of Marvel’s Avengers on Disney XD. Previously subtitled with “Ultron Revolution”, it’s been revealed that the new arc for the upcoming season will in fact be “Secret Wars”, based on the limited series comic book crossover event from the mid-80s. But it’s not just the one-hour premiere this June that should have fans excited; Disney XD will also be airing a number of shorts to introduce the newest members of the Avengers team in order to bring everyone up to speed.

Earth’s Mightiest Heroes will unite for the one-hour premiere on Saturday, June 17th at 11:30 a.m. EDT on Disney XD. The shorts will feature Captain Marvel, Black Panther, Ms. Marvel, Ant-Man, Wasp, and Vision in flashback sequences that introduce their powers; that’ll start on Friday, June 2nd. Read on for more on the upcoming season, its schedule, and the first images from Marvel’s Avengers: Secret Wars.

Picking up right after the events of season three “Ultron Revolution,” the fourth season finds Tony Stark trapped in another dimension. While the Avengers muster all of their knowledge and strength to try and find a way to bring him back, they are attacked by a new Cabal of villains who scatter the mighty heroes across space and time. With the help of the Black Panther’s new team, including Captain Marvel, Ms. Marvel, Ant-Man, Wasp and Vision, the Avengers must reunite in time to save the universe.

The multiplatform schedule is as follows:


Six original shorts will debut daily on Disney XD linear, on-demand and digital platforms. All six shorts will be available on Friday, June 2, on the Disney XD App. In the animated shorts, we meet the newest Avengers in a flashback sequence to learn about their background, super powers and, ultimately, what makes them super heroes.

One-hour premiere of “Marvel’s Avengers: Secret Wars” season four featuring back-to-back episodes on Disney XD (11:30 a.m.–12:30 p.m. EDT). The first two episodes will also be available on the Disney XD App and Disney XD VOD.

“Avengers No More – Part 1″ (11:30 a.m. EDT) – While trying to rescue Tony Stark from another dimension, the Avengers battle the Leader and his newly formed Cabal.

“Avengers No More – Part 2″ (12:00 p.m. EDT) – Black Panther assembles a new team of Avengers to stop the Leader and free the original Avengers.

The series stars: Mick Wingert as Iron Man, Fred Tatasciore as Hulk, Roger Craig Smith as Captain America, Travis Willingham as Thor, Troy Baker as Hawkeye, Laura Bailey as Black Widow, Bumper Robinson as Falcon, David Kaye as Vision, James Matthis III as Black Panther, Kathreen Khavari as Ms. Marvel, Josh Keaton as Ant-Man, Kari Wahlgren as Wasp and Grey Griffin as Captain Marvel.

Produced by Marvel Animation, the series’ creative team includes executive producers Alan Fine, Dan Buckley, Joe Quesada, Cort Lane, Eric Radomski, and Jeph Loeb; co-executive producers Stan Lee and Stephen Wacker; supervising producers Eugene Son, Danielle Wolff, and Harrison Wilcox; and supervising director Jeff Allen.


Foto 1

Foto 2

Traduzione in italiano da MangaForever:

Avengers: Secret Wars – Marvel annuncia la premiere su Disney XD

Nuova stagione, minaccia, ma soprattutto…team!

Marvel ha annunciato il ritorno della serie animata dedicata agli Avengers, in arrivo con una quarta stagione che è pronta a portare sul piccolo schermo un adattamento di Avengers: Secret Wars. Per la nuova stagione è anche previsto un team rinnovato, formato da Black Panther, Captain Marvel, Ms. Marvel, Ant-Man, Wasp e Vision.

La premiere è prevista il 17 luglio con un episodio in due parti intitolato “Avengers No More”, che segue gli eventi di Avengers: Ultron Revolution, con Tony Stark smarrito in una dimensione parallela. Il Capo e la sua nuova Cabala sfruttano l’opportunità per portare gli Avengers tra spazio e tempo, spingendo Black Panther a formare un nuovo team.

Una serie di sei cortometraggi animati è prevista su Disney XD dal 2 giugno per introdurre il pubblico ai poteri dei Nuovi Avengers in una sequenza di flashback.
Da Newsrama:

Next up is Avengers: Secret Wars, which features Black Panther, Captain Marvel, Ms. Marvel, Vision, Ant-Man and the Wasp as the new Avengers on Battleworld, after the core team is sidelined.
Some of the realms in Battworld will include Kun-Lun, Weirdworld, Wastelands, Modokopolis, the Wastelands, Egyptia, Vibranium Coast, Camelot, Vampire Federation, Hydra Empire, Inhuman Nation, Ruins of Olympus, the United States of Crime, Noir Land, New Quack City, Spider-Island 2099, Lost to the Symbiotes, and There Be Frost Giants Here.
On the map, we can also see Venom, Ares, Howard the Duck and more.
Wacker said this show would be taking "big chances" and would dig deep into the Marvel Universe.
Next up is a clip from Avengers, which has Ms. Marvel slingshotting herself from her school's football field to get to Vision's Quinjet. Vision, meanwihle, has brought Kamala a strawberry-banana-kale smoothie before detecting an intruder at the Avengers Mansion: Taskmaster.
The Taskmaster is here with a warning — there's a power vacuum with the Red Skull and the main Avengers being off the table, and as a result, MODOK is planning on wiping the planet clean.
Taskmaster is brought with the Avengers to MODOK's lair, culminating in a fight with an army of laser sword-wielding robots.
To another fan, who asked if the inclusion of Moon Knight in Secret Wars would herald more adult characters, Wacker said that he read the original Doug Moench and Bill Sienkiewicz series when he was 11, so he didn't see the character as just for adults. For a generation of kids, Wacker said, these shows will be their entryway to the Marvel Universe.
And wrapping up with a last question: Will there be a season of Captain Marvel to tie in with the upcoming film? Lane said there are some "special plans" for her that will be announced in October.
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