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Con la speranza che, data la presenza della Norvegia vicina, vera ispirazione del film, possano pensare di costruire qualche attrazione nel più ovvio Disneyland Paris wink.gif ...

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Is Disney Bringing a 'Frozen' Attraction to EPCOT's Norway Pavilion?
Posted January 2nd, 2014 2:00PM
by Drew Taylor

Anyone who saw this winter's wonderful animated adventure "Frozen" probably thought that the story, about a pair of princess sisters, one of whom has locked her kingdom in a frosty perpetual winter, was ripe for a Disney theme park attraction. The movie already felt so classic that a ride, potentially in the "dark ride" mold of things like Peter Pan's Flight or Mr. Toad's Wild Ride, seemed like a foregone conclusion. And you know what? It kind of is.

Disney historian Jim Hill, while appearing on the Disney Dish Podcast with Touring Plans founder Len Testa, described what the Mouse House has planned for "Frozen," at least when it comes to its theme park presence. Apparently the first place the movie, which just beat out "Monsters University's" $268 million gross by a few million, is first headed to the Norway pavilion at Florida's EPCOT.

This makes sense, of course, considering the movie's Nordic setting and the fact that the Norway pavilion has been home to both exclusive "Frozen" merchandise and the all-important Elsa and Anna character meet-and-greets since before the movie even premiered.

"That's really filtering out. They're already looking at 2014/2015 and where does that fit into our holiday plans," Hill explained. "Those of you who love the Maelstrom might want to go visit it." Hill is referring to Norway's boat ride attraction the Maelstrom, which, like "Frozen," features tons of trolls. It seems that the ride might not be long for this earth, which is a shame because, since opening in 1988, less than a decade after EPCOT Center opened its futuristic doors, the Maelstrom has been one of World Showcase's brightest spots. Not that it has aged terribly well or anything.

"Disney's not going to make the mistake they made with "The Little Mermaid" again. They're not going to wait 20 years to get a ride," Hill went on to explain, referencing the Ariel's Undersea Adventure attraction that opened in Disney California Adventure on May 26, 2011 and in the Magic Kingdom's Fantasyland on October 12, 2012, more than 20 years after "The Little Mermaid" debuted in theaters. Hill went on to address the advanced timetable: "There will be something in the next 18 months. Supposedly there's something larger in the works for Disneyland but that's in line behind the Marvel and the 'Star Wars' stuff."

So, in brief: expect a "Frozen"-themed attraction for Norway at EPCOT very, very soon and in Disneyland sometime a little bit later. Sound burrrrrr-iliant!
Ecco la conferma e i piani: a Epcot aprirà un'area ispirata al mondo di Arendelle

Sì, purtroppo la notizia è ufficiale, e quella bellissima attrazione verrà distrutta per ospitare la nuova di Frozen.

Per non parlare dello snaturamento del parco Epcot, che lì Frozen proprio non c'entrava nulla!
La descrizione dell'attrazione:

“Frozen Ever After” ride opening in EPCOT’s Norway Pavilion next year

The Wall Street Journal (paywall) got an early peek at the Frozen themed attraction that is taking up residence in EPCOT’s Norway Pavilion. “Frozen Ever After” is a boat tour that takes you back into the story of the movie, but without retelling the whole film.

Instead, the ride takes place during the Winter Festival, which through the Elsa’s magic actually takes place in summer (a concept that I’m sure would be welcomed here in the heat of Orlando’s summers).

The ride will keep it’s existing path and boats, but replace everything else with Walt Disney Imagineering’s special blend of real world sets, advanced audio-animatronics, and digital projection. This also means the ride will keep its length of just under 4 minutes and a similar capacity as Maelstrom. So plan on getting those fastpasses or waiting in a long line.

Speaking of the queue, you will pass Wandering Oaken’s Trading Post, whose “Yoo-hoo!” will be heard as you go by. Once onboard the attraction, Olaf and the reindeer Sven will introduce riders to the “Frozen Ever After” festival theme.

The boats then take you thorugh Troll Valley, where you hear Grandpa Troll tell the story of how Anna and Kristof met, You then go up a ramp to a wintery ice skating scene with Olaf, Anna & Kristof singing along side of Sven.

After that you enter the gates of Elsa’s Ice Castle where you see her on a balcony singing “Let it Go.” Expect big special ice crystal effects here.

Of course, Marshmallow, the giant snowman makes and appearance, and so do the smaller Snowgie creatures from the animated short “Frozen Fever.”

Academy Award winning composers Robert Lopez and Kristen Anderson-Lopez are providing new lyrics to spruce up familiar songs. No doubt your kids will be singing these songs over and over again just like with the movie.

It sounds like the advanced audio-animatronics will be similar to the new dwarfs in the Seven Dwarf Mine Train. Digital projection onto the faces make them capable of a much wider range of animation.

In addition to the new ride, there will be a newly built Elsa and Anna meet and greet located between Norway and Mexico pavilions.

While a Frozen attraction would be more suited to the Magic Kingdom, Disney is hoping it will help boost the relatively stagnate attendence at EPCOT. I’m one who believes that since Frozen is drawn on Norway’s rich Scandinavian culture and art, it will fit in fine. But it’s not my first preference for the pavilion.

Unfortunately, other than sometime next year, the article doesn’t give an opening date for the attraction, but I think it’s safe to say that Disney is proceeding as fast as they can to capitalize on Frozen fever.
Lone Bert
I lavori per l'attrazione Frozen Ever After prendono sempre più forma! L'attrazione dovrebbe aprire nella prima metà del 2016.

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