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Negli ultimi tempi in Casa Marvel si sta già parlando del seguito dei Vendicatori... ora il seguito è stato ufficializzato da Kevin Feige.

In The Avengers 2 ci saranno nuovi personaggi tra le fila degli eroi... che siano Ant-Man, Wasp e il Dottor Strange? è presto per dirlo...

Intanto ecco l'articolo da ComicBookMovie:

Kevin Feige Talks Avengers 2 Team Changes And Teases Plans For Loki's Alien Army!

Revealing that he'd like to see the roster of The Avengers be changed in the planned sequel, the Marvel Studios boss also reveals that there are big plans for Loki's mysterious alien army AFTER their debut next year...

Talking to IGN Movies, Marvel Studios' Kevin Feige was asked by the site about both the possibility and his thoughts on changing the roster of The Avengers in the sequel. Whether this means we'll see the likes of Ant-Man or Doctor Strange join the team is unknown at this point, but I'm sure many fans would happily wait an extra few years for The Avengers 2 if it means seeing those heroes assemble alongside the rest!

"Absolutely. That's the fun of it -- introducing new characters. Seeing: 'How will things change after Iron Man goes through his next adventure? After Thor goes through his next adventure? If we do another Cap adventure, how will things change? The dynamic between them? Their own worlds? So that the dynamic in Avengers 2 is actually quite different than it is in the first one."

And in a separate interview with the site, Feige was quizzed on Loki's mysterious army (who have so far only been spotted in the form of stuntmen in mocap suits taking on Chris "Captain America" Evans and Chris "Thor" Hemsworth on the Cleveland set) and teased fans with the revelation that Marvel Studios have plans for them in future...who else wants to be that they'll either be related to the Inhumans or Guardians of the Galaxy? Here's what he had to say.

"[Loki] does say to Tony Stark at the end of the footage we showed today, he tells Tony that he has an army. And that army is not just stuntmen in mocap suits. It'll be extremely, extremely large and something that links not only into the movies we've made but the movies we're going to make. So it's a big play that we're not quite ready to talk about."
Nuovo articolo su The Avengers 2 in cui parla di nuovo Kevin Feige.

Kevin Feige dice che la prima fase dei film Marvel si è conclusa con The Avengers, la seconda fase si aprirà con Iron Man 3, poi Thor 2, Ant-Man e I Guardiani della Galassia e altri film e culminerà con il secondo film dei Vendicatori.

Ecco l'articolo da ComicBookMovie:

Kevin Feige Explains More On Plans for "Phase Two" Of The Avengers Saga!

Reiterating Marvel projects post-The Avengers, including the Captain America and Thor sequels, Marvel Studios' president explains the big picture for "phase 2" of the saga!

Unloading more from their revealing New York Comic Con chat with Marvel Studios' president of production, Kevin Feige, the folks from IGN also had the head honcho discuss the master plan for "phase two" of movies post-The Avengers.

"We've already announced Iron Man 3 and Thor 2; both of those will be spread out within 2013," explained Feige. "We haven't announced yet the 2014 movies, but we are working on a draft of Captain America 2, Guardians of the Galaxy, and some of these other ones we've been talking about for a while. Ant-Man I'm hoping we can get off the ground sometime soon. If these first group of films – "phase one" of this Avengers saga starting with Iron Man and ending with Avengers – has an overarching theme, which it does. As people sort of watch all the movies together and then watch The Avengers movie, they'll see this big picture we've been building towards... we have started working on the bones and structure and threading for a phase two. It does start with Iron Man 3 and if it all works – which we hope it does – culminates in another Avengers film."
Io spero che prima o poi si vedrà anche la Donna Ragno happy.gif

CITAZIONE (Eric @ 18/10/2011, 23:44) *
Io spero che prima o poi si vedrà anche la Donna Ragno happy.gif

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Sì anche a noi piacerebbe vedere SpiderWoman.

Comunque è probabile che nei Vendicatori 2 ci sia Wasp come membro femminile nella squadra assieme alla Vedova Nera (già presente nel primo)... chissà forse anche Clea del Dr Strange o le ragazze presenti nei film dei Guardiani della Galassia e degli Inumani o altre ancora che si inseriranno man mano nei vari film o le ragazze delle serie tv live-action (come ad esempio Jessica Jones, Carol Danvers/Ms Marvel, Dagger e Mockingbird) visto che l'universo cinematografico sarà lo stesso dell'universo televisivo secondo quanto ha detto Jeph Loeb al New York Comic Con 2011. La più probabile al momento è Wasp che dovrebbe già comparire in Ant-Man.

Ecco una news o meglio l'articolo tradotto da Badtaste:

Kevin Feige parla della fase 2 dei film Marvel

Dopo aver partecipato al panel di The Avengers al Comic-Con di New York, dove ha anticipato che con questo film si chiuderà la "fase uno" dei film dei Marvel Studios, il produttore Kevin Feige ha spiegato meglio il concetto a IGN, spiegando che tra i film in via di sviluppo c'è Doctor Strange, ma non solo:

Abbiamo già annunciato Iron Man 3 e Thor 2, che usciranno nel 2013. Non abbiamo ancora annunciato i film del 2014, ma stiamo lavorando a Captain America 2, I Guardiani della Galassia e alcuni di questi altri film di cui abbiamo parlato negli ultimi tempi. Spero che riusciremo a mettere insieme Ant-Man a breve. Questo primo gruppo di film - la "fase uno" della saga dei Vendicatori iniziata con Iron Man e terminata con The Avengers - ha un arco tematico che li tiene legati tutti assieme. Gli spettatori vedono insieme i primi film e poi vedono The Avengers: scopriranno che c'è un disegno comune che abbiamo portato avanti negli anni. Abbiamo iniziato a lavorare alle ossa e alla struttura che porterà alla fase due, che inizierà con Iron Man 3 e terminerà - se tutto andrà come vogliamo - in un secondo film dei Vendicatori.

Riferendosi poi alle scene mostrate al Comic-Con di New York, Feige così ha commentato:

Alla fine delle scene che abbiamo mostrato, Loki spiega a Tony Stark di avere un'esercito. Questo esercito non è composto solamente dagli stunt in motion capture che avete visto nelle foto dal set. Sarà un esercito davvero, davvero enorme, e si ricollegherà non solo ai film che abbiamo già realizzato, ma anche ai prossimi film. E' un discorso molto ampio del quale al momento non posso ancora parlarvi...

Ecco la top 10 delle saghe che il pubblico vorrebbe che almeno una venisse portata sul grande schermo in Avengers 2.

Da Whatculture:

Top 10 Storylines For THE AVENGERS Sequel

If you have read any of my rants before then you know that I am a dedicated Avengers fanatic. Add to that my predilection for Buffy and you can probably imagine the giddy excitement and awkward skipping that occurred when I first heard that Joss Whedon was writing and directing the Avengers movie. Such a sight has never been seen before (according to my wife it should never been seen again, at least if I ever plan on seeing her naked).

Even though we are still months out from the Avengers big screen debut I don’t think that is too early to begin musing on the possible plots for the inevitable sequels. Sure the net is full of gossip and whispers about Dr Strange or Ant Man being involved, perhaps the Guardians Of The Galaxy, or there being an entirely new Avengers team introduced.

But I think the best place to start is with the magic and imagination that the amazing Marvel writers have brought us over the years. So I present to you, my esteemed fellow Avenger-ites, the ten greatest Avengers Storylines Ever Written!

10. The Trust

(New Avengers vol. 1 #32-37, Annual 2)

Written by Brian Michael Bendis.

Starting out with the newest Avengers story arc on this list, ‘The Trust’ finds itself amongst an array of rather over-complicated plot development. Symbiotes taking over New York, wrapping up Civil War, bringing World War Hulk and setting up Secret Invasion; how much can you jam into one storyline? When did marketing become more important than actually telling a story?

Yet if you peel away the husk of capitalism, inside is a simple and intriguing story. The New Avengers have discovered that Elektra was actually a Skrull and this revelation leads the team to realise that any of them could be an infiltrating alien in disguise. What is worse is that for once there doesn’t seem to be a comic-style fix-all gadget that can prove who is really themselves, and so the seeds of mistrust are planted.

As the heroes begin fighting amongst themselves, their sense of security torn apart, a new team is being gathered. A team of supervillains. Under the strong-headed influence of Parker Robbins, the Hood, they take the Avengers style approach to crime and work together to get revenge and make money. The New Avengers are splintered and attacked individually (want to see Wolverine get neutered? Check out this story arc!). Lots of all out brawls and ups and downs as each side gains the upper hand.

This story could be adapted into a great tale of two teams who are two sides of the same coin, and an analysis of trust. Take out all of the confusing side plots and there is great drama to be found here. And, perhaps, a perfect setup for a Secret Invasion mega summer blockbuster.

9. The Bride of Ultron

(Avengers vol.1 #161-162)

Written by Jim Shooter.

Ultron makes two appearances on my top ten list, but this older tale pits the mechanical menace against the classic Avengers in a smart and enveloping drama. No longer content with his repetitively simplistic goal of wiping out humanity, Ultron has found some basic emotional need and wants to achieve genocide holding the hand of a wife.

After being attacked by a temporarily amnesiac Ant-Man (who remembers nothing past the original forming of the team), the Avengers are then set upon by Ultron who has created the ultimate weapon, the encephalo ray. He wipes the floor with the team and kidnaps Ant-man leaving all but Iron Man, Wonder Man and Black Panther dead (or so they seem) and an angry Thor attempting to work out what has happened.

Ultron tricks the memory-affected Ant-Man into helping him transfer the Wasp‘s (also kidnapped) mind into a female robot body, to supposedly save her life. What makes this such a stand-out story is the climax that finds Iron Man threatening to destroy the female robot, that is currently housing some of the Wasp’s mind, in an attempt to blackmail Ultron into giving up the control code that will allow them to save Wasp’s life.

Even though it is all contained in only 2 comic books, the ‘Bride of Ultron’ would make a great core story for an Avengers film, linking the origin of the Avengers with a new and all-different team, and forcing a key member to cross a hero-line at the risk of the life of his comrade. Strong and intense, even Ultron has a softer side, forced to sacrifice victory to save the shell of his potential sweetheart.

8. Bloodties

(Avengers vol. 1 #368- 369; X-Men vol.2 #26; Avengers West Coast vol.1 #101; Uncanny X-Men vol.1 #307)

Written by Bob Harras, Fabian Nicieza, Roy Thomas & Scott Lobdell.

Whilst ‘Bloodties’ may not be a well-lauded or much talked about story, it is perfect for big screen conversion at the very least due to the fact that it contains both the Avengers and the X-Men; two huge movie franchises. Sure there is little chance of this actually happening anytime soon due to FOX holding the rights to all things mutant but that doesn’t mean that it wouldn’t be awesome!

Aside from the two big-hit teams this arc is full of blockbuster-type plots; a nation in civil war, the threat of genocide, a kidnapped child, super-human/ mutant parents battling to save her and a religious cult undertone. Michael Bay would go crazy with this kind of material!

The basic overview is that Magneto has been mind-wiped by Charles Xavier, and has now disappeared. His closest disciples Fabian Cortez and Exodus are trying to draw Magneto out (they don’t know what happened to him) by waging war on humans in Genosha, and threatening the death of the kidnapped Luna who is not by coincidence Magneto’s grand-daughter. The only problem is that her parents are the X-Man Quicksilver and the Avenger Crystal. Thus the Avengers and the X-Men end up fighting side by side against hordes of mutants, attempting to save the humans.

Perhaps one of the reasons I like this story is that my favourite Avenger, the Black Knight, plays a pivotal and climactic role as he finds himself caught in a love triangle with Crystal and Quicksilver, amongst all of the war-torn action. It would be great to see a non-powered hero take front stage within the super-powered chaos.

7. Acts Of Vengeance

(Avengers vol.1 #3133-313)

Avengers plots written by John Byrne.

I know that this was a Marvel Universe wide summer crossover but the core of the story was about the eternal feud between Loki and Thor, which makes it an Avengers story at heart. Loki, sick of being beaten time and again, devises an ingenious plot. He tricks some of the greatest villains such as Doctor Doom, Magneto, The Kingpin, Mandarin and the Red Skull into working together to achieve victory over all heroes. His plan is very simple; instead of fighting the same old fights with their adversaries, swap partners and use the element of surprise to win.

Okay, I can already hear the grumbles about not being able to do this because of the myriad of licensing-rights issues across character franchises that this raises. But if you bear with me I’ll explain how this could work.

It is the core plot that makes this storyline into a potential powerhouse. We take all of the hero/villain rivalries that the Marvel Studios movies have set up and we jumble them all around. Red Skull attacks Iron Man, Mandarin takes on Black Widow, The Sorceress messes with Hulk, General Ross and the U.S Army versus Captain America. There are so many great mix-ups that would put the heroes on the back foot and find themselves struggling with the kind of power that works against their skill set.

On a side note I would not use the Avengers team that was rostered during the Acts of Vengeance arc. Sersi, Quasar and Gilgamesh can most certainly be replaced with better rounded heroes.

6. Civil War

(too many issues to name)

Conceived and structured by Mark Millar.

Just as Acts of Vengeance could be whittled down to an Avengers story, so too can Civil War. The mass of marketing at the time said it all – Captain America vs. Iron Man. The ultimate showdown between the heart and the head of the Avengers.

Although many of you out there will disagree with me, I think that Civil War was one of the most brilliant concepts of the modern comic age and it had me enraptured. There are so many bitter readers whinging and complaining that something or other wasn’t done right or this character didn’t do something they should have, but for me Civil War was a spectacularly simple and effective idea. What happens when you take away a hero’s personal freedom?

There can be little doubt that this would be the most epic on-screen extravaganza! The biggest names in the Marvel Heroes slugging it out against each other as the villains find themselves having to choose sides as well, and uneasy alliances are forged. Good and evil is gone. Right and wrong is blurred. It’s just people trying to fight for what they believe in.

Even with all of the rights issues mentioned above Civil War could be pulled off. It was an event that spent as much time putting the big guns head to head as it did bringing the forgotten characters out of the wood work (though often just to be killed, maimed or imprisoned). This means that there are masses of unlicensed heroes and villains who can be brought to the fore as soldiers in an idealistic crusade.

The only reason I didn’t list Civil War in the top 5 was because it has far less chance of being made as a movie.

5. Ultron Unlimited

(Avengers vol. 3 #19-23)

Written by Kurt Busiek.

Yep, there had to be an Ultron storyline at this end of the list and there is no arc more worthy of adaptation than Busiek’s brilliant and overwhelming Ultron Unlimited. It starts out familiar enough; Hank Pym goes missing and Ultron appears. Yep, seen that one at least ten time before. But this time Ultron turns up after wiping out the armed and the super forces of Slorenia, lays claim to the country as his own, and turns the conquered citizens into killer cyborg zombies!

To make matters even worse Ultron has created his new body out of unbreakable adamantium, and has the good ol’ encephalo ray back in action. Not bad enough? Fine, how about we add the return of all previous incarnations of Ultron and hundreds of next generation models?

The Avengers have always found it hard enough to beat one Ultron let alone an entire Ultron army. What about one more creepy plot point? He captures Hank Pym, Wasp, Scarlet Witch, Wonder Man, Vision and the Grim Reaper so that he can use their brain patterns as the basis for his brand new family.

So much action, so big a plan, so many robots. What works so well about this story is that the Avengers are helpless throughout. Ultron has them outmaneuvered and outgunned and outnumbered. For once using your fists or your battle cunning has no effect as the enemy is that much better than you. The heroes are only saved by the research of Justice, hidden back at Avengers Mansion due to injury, that finds the single flaw in Ultron’s machinations.

A film well worth making.

4. Operation: Galactic Storm

(Captain America vol.1 #398-400, Avengers West Coast vol. 1 #80-82, Quasar vol. 1 #32-34, Wonder Man vol. 1 #7-9, Avengers vol. 1 #345-347, Iron Man vol. 1 #278-279, Thor vol. 1 #445-446)

Written by Mark Gruenwald, Roy Thomas, Dann Thomas, Gerard Jones, Bob Harras, Len Kaminski and Tom DeFalco.

I just know I’m going to hear some words from some of you on this. It was a toss up between the classic and highly regarded Kree/Skrull War storyline of the 1970′s and the seemingly disliked (and definitely bloated story) Operation: Galactic Storm. But when looking at them I sheered away from which is better reading and looked at which would make a better movie. From this view there was only one way I could go.

The Kree/Skrull War has loads of great plot points built into but when you get to visualising it in one or two movies it becomes obvious how much of the story depends on Marvel-fan only knowledge that you just couldn’t fit into a few hours. Whereas Operation: Galactic Storm can, for all of its faults and over-writing in the comics comes down to a simple attempt by the Avengers to stop an impending war between the Kree and the Shi’ar that will make Earth its battleground. The heroes separate into three teams, one to protect Earth and and the others off to plead their case to each of the warring factions.

There is an Empire Strikes Back vibe to this storyline, following the different paths of the teams as they encounter such different obstacles. Captain America’s team is imprisoned, Captain Marvel‘s team battle with the Imperial Guard as they try to reach Queen Lilandra, and Vision and Wonder Man find themselves on the Nega-Bomb that is being transported to obliterate the Kree empire.

Why do I prefer this to the arguable ‘original’ story? There are no real winners come the conclusion; the war is over but billions are dead, all sides have been used and betrayed, and the Avengers have been torn down the middle by the decision to assassinate the Kree Supreme Intelligence. Brilliant.

3. Kang Dynasty

(Avengers vol. 3 #41-54)

Written by Kurt Busiek.

This film could run the tagline: “We lose”. What a great idea, Kang the Conqueror, easily one of the Avengers foremost and most dangerous enemies decides that he has had enough of playing small games of challenge and honour. Instead he brings his entire time-travelling army to modern Earth and takes over. That’s right Kang becomes king of the world.

With half of the Avengers stuck in space and the rest of them dealing with the deaths of millions of people, the Wasp surrenders the Earth to Kang on behalf of the Avengers. What happens now is a resistance-style guerrilla war between the underground Avengers and Kang’s forces, culminating in some of the villainous teams joining in to save their planet.

I will admit that it does go a little bit astray with the whole Triune of Understanding, the Black Pyramid and the return of 3-D Man (never one of my preferred heroes) but it is this side plot that leads to the most awesome bit of all. A moment that needs to be eternalised on the big screen. A galaxy-sized Captain America hologram fighting an equally enormous Kang projection. Cool!

Yet the best part of all, the moment that makes this a strong case for adaptation, is the final showdown. His armies defeated and the sole survivor from the crash-wreck that was his star-ship, Kang asks to die in combat and is challenged by the real Captain America. No teams, no tactics. Just two soldiers out of their respective times fighting for survival.

2. The Fall of Hank Pym

(Avengers vol. 1 #211-213, 217, 221-222, 224, 227-230)

Written by Jim Shooter.

After the last few items on this list being bigger than Ben Hur I wanted to round out the top two Avengers storylines for big screen adaptation with stories that show why the Avengers are so different to all other comic book teams. In 1981 Jim Shooter began a plot that would stretch across almost 20 books and went beyond super powers and epic battles, between good and evil. It was a story about a man. About Hank Pym.

Whilst there had been earlier hints toward the fact that Pym was slightly mentally unstable this idea had never been properly investigated. With the Fall of Hank Pym we see a hero under great stress suffer a nervous breakdown and in doing so abuse the power that he wields. The consummate hero walks the line of villainy and is forced to suffer the consequences of a court martial and trial for his actions.

On a more personal level this downfall hits its lowest ebb when Hank slaps his wife Janet (the Wasp). Domestic violence was, and still isn’t, a common theme amongst hero comics and here it was laid out for all to consider. Can one act erase years of good intentions? The Wasp must have thought so as she divorced him and took over leadership of the Avengers, giving a hearty nod to the women’s movement.

And in dramatic conclusion Hank manages to redeem himself by single handedly defeating the new Masters Of Evil, before laying down his costume to assume the life of a civilian. So many peaks and troughs in this storyline that follows Pym’s too human experience made infinitely worse by his position as a hero. This is what made Marvel marvelous; the human side of characters and the consequences that they have to suffer.

1. Under Siege

(Avengers vol. 1 #271, 273-277)

Written by Roger Stern.

Here we are at the number one spot. This was the easiest choice for me to make and the very first of the storylines that jumped to mind. The Avengers are always at their best when they are driven to their lowest, and there is no time at which that has occurred like Under Siege. Once again Baron Zemo bands together a new grouping of Super Villains to form yet another version of the Masters of Evil. But this time he actually put some thought into it and decides to get more bad guys than there are heroes and to enlist some of the strongest villains he can find. Ones who could go toe to toe with Thor himself.

The Avengers are caught off-guard, overwhelmed and tortured. Hercules is beaten into a coma and only the Wasp manages to escape. Even our ever-faithful butler Jarvis is dragged into the mess, pummeled by Mr Hyde as Captain America is forced to watch. Wasp gathers a counter-attack force of reserve Avengers and they lay siege to their own mansion. The story climaxes with a series of one-on-one battles with Captain America facing down Baron Zemo.

Never before had I felt fear or tension as I read an Avengers comic. They were unbeatable. They always won and any injuries were shrugged off the next day. Yet suddenly it looked as though this was all about to change and the baddies were going to win the day.

And even though our heroes take the final victory, it truly is a win for the Masters of Evil. For as they are carted away to incarceration the Avengers are left standing amongst the ruins of their home, Hercules and Jarvis hospitalised, and team members stepping down from active duty. The tale finishes with the ever-strong Captain America crying at the discovery of the ruined photo of his mother; the last proof and memory of his original life. The battle is won but our heroes are forever altered.

Well there’s my two-cents (actually seems to be closer to two dollars with all those words). Let me know which storylines I forgot, which ones you don’t think should be here and which one Avengers story is the one you want to see as the next Avengers movie!


John Slattery Hasn't Been Approached For IRON MAN 3; Would Like To Star In THE AVENGERS 2

Were you hoping for more flashbacks to Tony Stark's past? Well, if they are going to be in the third installment of the hit Marvel Studios franchise, they seemingly won't involve John Slattery as Howard Stark. Hit the jump for more.

Considering the fact that Tony Stark's father is dead, it seems unlikely that too many fans were expecting to see him return in Iron Man 3 after appearing in a recorded message in Iron Man 2 (played by The Adjustment Bureau's John Slattery) and as an even younger man during the WWII set Captain America: The First Avenger (this time brought to life by British actor Dominic Cooper). However, in a recent interview with GQ Magazine, the Mad Men star was quizzed about whether or not Marvel have approached him for Iron Man 3 and had this to say.

No, they haven't. I was kind of hoping for that in the beginning, but the character in Captain America was 20 years earlier than the part I played, which was already 30 years earlier than the time of the film, so the short answer is no! Would I like to do Avengers 2? Yeah!

Both Slattery and Cooper delivered memorable performances as Howard Stark and while it's possible that both could return in flashbacks, this seemingly confirms that it won't happen for the time being. However, as the character played such a large role in the creation of S.H.I.E.L.D., who knows when or where either actor may appear in future. Would you like to see more of Howard Stark? Sound off with your thoughts in the usual place.

Joss Whendon parla di The Avengers 2.


Joss Whedon Already Talking AVENGERS 2

We're still a little ways away from the premiere of The Avengers but director Joss Whedon is already thinking abstractly about what he wants to do in a sequel.

Joss Whedon has said that a sequel to The Avengers needs to be "smaller" and "more personal". So those of you making comparisons to Michael Bay an Transformers can at least have the comfort of knowing that an Avengers sequel will be drastically different.

The Buffy the Vampire Slayer and Firefly creator told SFX that he doesn't want a follow-up to "rehash" what worked in the first film.

When asked how Avengers 2 could top next month's epic, superhero blockbuster, Whedon responded: "By not trying to. By being smaller. More personal, more painful.

"By being the next thing that should happen to these characters, and not just a rehash of what seemed to work the first time. By having a theme that is completely fresh and organic to itself."

Shifting focus back to the first film, Whedon stated that he's attempted to give each character in The Avengers, Iron Man, Captain America, Thor and Hulk, enough screen time to see "what makes them awesome".

"I want to know what makes them tick, what makes them flawed, what makes them fight - and ultimately, what makes them awesome," he explained. "I go to these movies for those moments when the heroes define themselves, either through action or deliciously overwritten speeches."

Hmm. So smaller and more personal for Avengers 2? Does that mean no global threat and no S.H.I.E.L.D.? Clearly, Whedon's done a little bit of thinking about where he wants to go next and I'm seriously wondering if he's already written a treatment.
Articolo tradotto da Badtaste:

Joss Whedon parla del sequel dei Vendicatori

Fra poco meno di due mesi, The Avengers, il cinecomic Marvel di Joss Whedon, arriverà nei cinema. Di recente, vi abbiamo parlato dei fumetti e degli autori che hanno ispirato il filmmaker nel dare forma al blockbuster grazie ai suoi interventi su SFX Magazine.

Il regista/sceneggiatore, dalle pagine della medesima rivista, condivide le sue impressioni sul tono che il sequel del cinecomic dovrebbe avere, su come un ipotetico The Avengers 2 - che prima o poi arriverà nelle sale - possa andare a rapportarsi con la pellicola che fra una manciata di settimane raccoglierà "tonnellate" di dollari al box office.

L'unico modo è evitare di rifare il primo. Dev'essere più piccolo, più personale, più doloroso. Deve mostrare nuovi accadimenti nelle esistenze di questi personaggi, non dev'essere una mera riproposizione di quello che vedrete nel primo. Bisogna avere una tematica completamente nuova e organica.

Whedon ironizza sul fatto che I Vendicatori 2 dovrebbe avere una cadenza simile a quella di un classico in stile Il Padrino - Pt. 2:

Dovrebbe avere dei flashback tipo quelli del Padrino - Pt. 2 in cui vediamo il giovane Michael Andolini che scappa a New York dalla Sicilia per diventare Michael Corleone. I sequel sono sempre migliori quando sono di questo tipo. (...) Voglio sapere perchè sono così, cosa li rende imperfetti, ciò che li sprona a combattere, e, in ultima analisi, cosa li rende fantastici. Personalmente vado a vedere questi film per assistere a quei momenti di definizione dell'eroe, che avvengono sia attraverso l'azione che tramite dei dialoghi ottimamente scritti.
Donald Duck
Beh...speriamo bene! smile.gif

Kevin Feige conferma che in Avengers 2 ci saranno molti nuovi personaggi.

Dalla pagina facebook di Marvel Cinematic Universe:

Kevin confirms that The Avengers 2 will, in fact, have MORE characters! And Joss is definitely in the line to probably direct that one, as well!
Sicuramente ci sarà Ant-Man se nel frattempo faranno il film...
Speriamo che ci siano Ant-Man e Wasp nel secondo film. E chissà magari ci sarà anche Falcon, che sembra sarà presente nel secondo film di Capitan America.

La Disney ha ufficialmente annunciato che The Avengers 2 è in sviluppo.


Disney Announces That THE AVENGERS 2 Is In Development

Disney has just announced that a sequel to Marvel's The Avengers is now in active development. Hit the jump for details and a brief comment from Disney CEO Bob Iger on the success of the Joss Whedon helmed superhero ensemble.

There aren't a lot of details right now, but Deadline has revealed that Disney and Marvel Studios are now moving ahead with a sequel to box office hit, The Avengers. This isn't exactly a surprise considering the fact that it has broken record after record at the domestic and international box offices over the past two weeks and was met with almost universal acclaim from critics. Disney CEO Bob Iger announced the news, saying that its success "is a great illustration of why we like Marvel so much." As for WHEN we'll see the sequel, start placing your bets now!

Joe Quesada risponde alle domande dei fans al Kapow 2012 e dice che in Avengers 2 non ci saranno personaggi extraterrestri.


Marvel Roundup From Kapow! Comic Con 2012

Avengers 2 not to feature cosmic characters? Female centered superhero movies still a long way away?

Here are some of the highlights from Kapow! in regreds to Marvel.

- Marvel is building towards a live action TV show. Now that they have their own animation studio, and the movies are doing so well, they're ready to take the step into the TV world. Unfortunately, Joe wouldn't be drawn on exactly what TV show it's likely to be. Anyone got any ideas?

- He won't be making any appearances in any Marvel movies - that's Stan Lee's thing ("no-one wants to see me on screen!")

- Marvel have a very big meeting in a few weeks about their movies slate, and Joe says they're working on some announcements that people will be very excited about. He couldn't confirm or deny that Ant Man could be on the cards ("if I did, Marvel security would take me out").

- Joe commented on speculation about the Avengers sequel, and before going into too many spoilers about the first film, asked the hall if there was anyone present who hadn't seen the first film yet. Out of about 600 people, no-one raised their hand. Speaking about Thanos, Joe urged everyone to remember that "just because it takes place in space, it doesn't mean that the film will have lots of cosmic characters". So, it sounds like a decent portion of the film will take place in space.

- Mark Millar said that Joss Whedon has a girls name.
An unfortunate girl in the audience asked whether there might be a crossover between X-Men and The Avengers on film one day, and how that would impact the fact that Chris Evans plays both the Human Torch and Captain America. Mark Millar pointed out that the Human Torch is in the Fantastic Four, not the X-Men, and asked the girl who'd asked the question to leave immediately.

Here's the big disappointing scoop for us female hero fans out there

"In a chat afterwards, Joe told me that he'd love to make a tentpole movie with a female lead, but that he really doesn't think there is an actress right now who could carry it, or a character that would work either."


There are also rumors about Abigail Chandler (A writer for the Badhaven website was told by Joe Q a script for Ms Marvel has been written (Take with a gain of salt) and he declared himself a huge fan of the character.

Here's hoping we get a Ms Marvel movie announcement!
Da Ciné2012:

Da Badtaste:

Jeremy Latcham parla di The Avengers 2 e degli spin-off Marvel

Jeremy Latcham, produttore di Iron Man, Iron Man 2 e Avengers ha parlato con Newsarama della possibilità di girare spin-off su personaggi già presentati nel corso dei film Marvel come Hawkeye e Vedova Nera spiegando poi quale direzione la produzione intende seguire in merito ai prossimi film.

Quali possibilità ci sono riguardo a degli spin-off su Hawkeye, Vedova Nera e Nick Fury?

Li faremo in un futuro non molto lontano... in un certo senso già sappiamo quali film intendiamo girare nell'immediato e per il momento quei personaggi non sono una priorità. Li adoriamo e siamo tutti profondamente interessati a girare un film su di loro un giorno. [...] Joss ha fatto un ottimo lavoro nel cercare di dare un senso al passato di Vedova o Hawkeye nel film The Avengers. Insomma, voglio sapere cos'è successo a Budapest! Voglio sapere perchè uno dice: "E' proprio come a Budapest" e l'altro non ha idea di cosa stia parlando. Quindi, in termini di storie non c'è dubbio che ce ne siano alcune da raccontare. Bisogna solo capire quando e dove, e il rapporto con il film più corale.

Con l'enorme successo di The Avengers, la Marvel coglierà l'occasione per introdurre nuovi personaggi nei film di "assemblaggio" per poi realizzare degli spin-off?

Beh, l'idea è che ogni tanto accadano grossi eventi di un certo tipo, motivo per cui c'è un film sui Vendicatori, e dopo ciò i personaggi ritornano alla propria vita, nei propri film. Iron Man 3 è attualmente in fase di riprese in North Carolina mentre Thor 2 sarà presto girato nel Regno Unito, quindi l'idea è che questi personaggi abbiano sempre delle avventure personali, ma qualora succedesse qualcosa di abbastanza grosso da richiedere la collaborazione di tutti, allora ci sarebbe un nuovo film sugli Avengers. Sono queste le nostre intenzioni. Nel frattempo le vite dei personaggi cambiano e si sviluppano, e sarà interessante scoprire cosa sarà diverso in loro la prossima volta che li assembleremo.

Wolverine e Spider-Man sono personaggi chiave nei Vendicatori nei fumetti al momento. Vedremo mai Wolvie e Spidey fianco a fianco a Cap e Thor in un film sui Vendicatori?

Non so. Non ho una bella risposta. Al momento, in questo preciso istante.... no. Non ci sono speranze. Ma con il successo di Avengers e, dita incrociate, sperando in una buona accoglienza per The Amazing Spider-man, magari la gente potrebbe essere interessata all'idea. Quindi chissà? Al momento, comunque, il mio stomaco mi dice che non è possibile.

Latcham ha poi parlato dei personaggi che vorrebbe coinvolgere in un futuro film citando il Dottor Strange o Luke Cage ma i Marvel Studios lo faranno solamente a patto che i personaggi siano utili ai fini della trama:

"Ci teniamo a capire come rendere bella una storia e trovare insieme un accordo. Pertanto se c'è la possibilità di introdurre nuovi personaggi in un film sui Vendicatori e funzionano, allora lo faremo."

Il produttore ha concluso dicendo che al momento opportuno vorrebbe girare un film su Power Pack, una serie di fumetti che ruota attorno a dei bambini con superpoteri:

"Ci piace davvero tanto l'idea di girare un film su dei bambini, credo che potremmo catturare il senso di meraviglia presente nei vecchi film della Amblin e comunicare le stesse emozioni... credo che Power Pack possa essere il nuovo Goonies. Adoro quel film".
CITAZIONE (veu @ 3/7/2012, 23:21) *
Wolverine e Spider-Man sono personaggi chiave nei Vendicatori nei fumetti al momento. Vedremo mai Wolvie e Spidey fianco a fianco a Cap e Thor in un film sui Vendicatori?

Non so. Non ho una bella risposta. Al momento, in questo preciso istante.... no. Non ci sono speranze. Ma con il successo di Avengers e, dita incrociate, sperando in una buona accoglienza per The Amazing Spider-man, magari la gente potrebbe essere interessata all'idea. Quindi chissà? Al momento, comunque, il mio stomaco mi dice che non è possibile.

magari! soprattutto spiderman
A noi anche piacerebbe un crossovers tra Avengers, X-Men ecc.


Il sequel di The Avengers probabilmente inizieranno a girarlo nel 2013.

Scarlett Johansson (Vedova Nera) è in trattative per tornare nel seguito. L'attrice riceverà un grande compenso di 20 milioni di dollari per recitare diventando così l'attrice più pagata di Hollywood.


RUMOR: Sequel To MARVEL'S THE AVENGERS Set To Begin Filming In 2013?

Rumour has it that the sequel to Marvel's The Avengers will begin shooting next year and that it's set to make Scarlett Johansson the highest paid actress in Hollywood. Read on for details.

The Sun isn't considered the most reliable source in the world, but they've posted a very interesting story in which they claim that Scarlett Johansson is in talks to return for the sequel with a massive £13 million ($20 million) offered in order for her to reprise her role as Black Widow. This would make her the highest paid actress in Hollywood.

Far more interesting however is what one of their sources reportedly tells them, specifically in regards to when the sequel will begin filming. "Scarlett is the hottest star in Hollywood and her inclusion in the sequel is a must. Producers think that as the only lead woman in the film male fans have found her a key ingredient — both for sex and story appeal. She is loved by critics too. This says, 'We value you'. Everyone is confident she’ll sign and be ready for 2013 filming." The report also mentions that Robert Downey Jr, Chris Hemsworth and Jeremy Renner will get 50% pay rises.

With Captain America 2 and Guardians of the Galaxy currently set to be released in 2014, it seems most likely that filming will begin on The Avengers 2 nearer the latter half of next year for release in 2015. Take this with a pinch of salt for the time being, and expect more Marvel movie news during next week's San Diego Comic-Con.
Da Deadline: Joss Whedon non ha ancora deciso se dirigerà Avengers 2

Comic-Con: Joss Whedon Remains Undecided About ‘Avengers 2′

Joss Whedon said today during a Comic-Con press conference for his series Firefly‘s 10-year anniversary that he hasn’t committed to making the sequel to Marvel’s The Avengers, this year’s massive Disney tentpole that he directed and co-wrote. “I have not come to a decision on directing Avengers 2 yet,” he said. “I am having too much fun with this (Firefly reunion) now.” The Marvel superhero pic is the third-highest-grossing movie of all time to date, and has racked up $612.3 million domestically and $1.46 billion worldwide, so having the architect back for a sequel is top of mind.

Ecco la copertina della rivista SFX in cui si parla di Iron Man 3, un nuovo film di Hulk e Avengers 2.

Dalla pagina facebook MCU:



Alexis Denisof Dishes More On 'The Other' Role In THE AVENGERS; Teases Reprisal In Sequel

Teasing a potential involvement with Marvel's The Avengers sequel, hit the jump for a video chat with Angel actor Alexis Denisof, discussing his 'The Other' role in the superhero flick!

IGN caught up with Much Ado About Nothing actor Alexis Denisof, where he discussed his villainous role in Marvel's The Avengers film as The Other, Chitauri leader and Thanos' minion. While teasing the superhero spectacle's inevitable sequel, Denisof also recalls how he landed the role in the video embedded below!


Joss Whendon scrive la sceneggiatura e sarà il regista di Avengers 2 e sta anche sviluppando una serie tv Marvel per la Disney.

La notizia è confermata dalla Disney stessa.


Joss Whedon To Write And Direct THE AVENGERS 2; Will Also Develop New Marvel TV Series

We'll update as soon as more details become available, but it has just been CONFIRMED by Walt Disney Studios that Joss Whedon will return to write and direct a sequel to The Avengers. He will also develop a new TV series based in the Marvel Cinematic Universe.

The news has just broken on a Walt Disney Investors Conference Call that Joss Whedon will return to write and direct the sequel to Marvel's The Avengers; the $1.5 billion dollar blockbuster of 2012. Bob Iger (the chairman and chief executive of The Walt Disney Company) also revealed that Whedon is involved with the development of an ABC live action television series set in the Marvel Cinematic Universe. Stay tuned for further details.

Marc [email protected]

Disney just announced Joss Whedon will write and direct THE AVENGERS 2 and develop a Marvel TV show for ABC.

7 Aug 12 Reply Retweet Favorite

As I'm sure you'll agree, this is incredibly exciting news. It was Joss Whedon's screenplay and skills behind the camera which made Marvel's The Avengers such an amazing comic book movie, and it's hard to imagine anyone being anything other than over the moon with the news that he will return to write and direct the planned sequel. There is currently no word on a release date (rumoured to be 2015) or what the TV series will involve.
Sono contento che sia riconfermato
Comunicato ufficiale della Marvel:

“Joss Whedon has signed an exclusive deal with Marvel Studios for film and television through the end of June 2015. As part of that deal, Whedon will write and direct Marvel’s The Avengers 2 as well as help develop a new live action series for Marvel Television at ABC. He will also contribute creatively to the next phase of Marvel’s cinematic universe.”
Altra meravigliosa notizia... del resto mi sarei meravigliato del contrario!
Ecco due articoli in italiano a riguardo:

Da Badtaste:

Joss Whedon scriverà e dirigerà The Avengers 2!

Si sta svolgendo in questo momento negli Stati Uniti la Walt Disney Investors Conference Call, ovvero la conferenza degli investitori della major di Topolino.

E' proprio da questo evento che è da poco arrivata la notizia, grazie a un'update di Marc Graser di Variety effettuato su Twitter, che Joss Whedon tornerà dietro la macchina da presa per il sequel di The Avengers, che, come il primo, sarà anche scritto da lui.

La notizia, in verità, stupisce poco: era del tutto plausibile che la Marvel avrebbe riaffidato a Whedon le redini di una carovana che ha già ampliamente dimostrato di saper condurre verso le vette di un successo commerciale che molti pensavano inarrivabile.

Ma non è tutto. Bob Iger, chairman e chief executive della Walt Disney Company, ha rivelato che Joss Whedon curerà anche una serie tv prodotta dalla ABC ambientata nell'Universo Cinematografico della Marvel. La major non ha ancora stabilito una data precisa d'uscita per il nuovo capitolo, dato che, attualmente, gli sforzi sono tutti focalizzati verso l'uscita in home video del blockbuster da un miliardo e mezzo di dollari d'incasso.

E' stato poi sottolineato come le vendite dei prodotti di merchandise ispirati al brand Marvel, non hanno avuto lo stesso impatto economico di Cars, ma la cosa non costituisce un problema dato che per la Disney si tratta di un progetto a lungo termine. Già nell'immediato futuro c'è l'uscita della pellicola in Blu-Ray e Dvd, che spingerà nuovamente il mercato dei prodotti su licenza, poi arriverà il Natale e, più in avanti, il sequel.

Restate sintonizzati in attesa di aggiornamenti...

Da Badtaste:

The Avengers 2, i dettagli del coinvolgimento di Joss Whedon

Nel corso della notte appena trascorsa vi abbiamo comunicato che, dalla Walt Disney Investors Conference Call, è arrivata la notizia relativa alla conferma del ritorni di Joss Whedon in qualità di regista e sceneggiatore di The Avengers 2. In aggiunta a questo, il chairman e chief executive della Walt Disney Company Bob Iger, ha rivelato che Joss Whedon curerà anche una serie tv prodotta dalla ABC ambientata nell'Universo Cinematografico della Marvel.

La Marvel ha fornito a HitFix una dichiarazione ufficiale che circostanzia un po' meglio il ruolo del filmmaker nei nuovi progetti dello studio:

Joss Whedon ha firmato un contratto esclusivo in materia di cinema e televisione coi Marvel Studios ai quali resterà legato fino al 2015. Come parte di questo accordo, Whedon scriverà e dirigerà The Avengers 2 e aiuterà a sviluppare una nuova serie televisiva per la Marvel Television prodotta dalla ABC. Contribuirà anche dal punto di vista creativo alla Nuova Fase dell'Universo Cinematografico della Marvel.

La seconda parte della dichiarazione, pare suggerire che l'apporto di Whedon alla serie tv Marvel potrebbe vederlo coinvolto solo come consulente creativo, piuttosto che come show runner effettivo.

Vi terremo aggiornati...

Da Badtaste:

Una data di uscita per The Avengers 2?

E' un "insider" di a rivelare quella che potrebbe essere l'attuale data di uscita del sequel di The Avengers, solo qualche giorno dopo la conferma che sarà Joss Whedon a scrivere e dirigere il film.

"I Marvel Studios hanno un programma molto preciso di ciò che vogliono fare, sono già molto avanti nella pianificazione del sequel perché hanno coinvolto la stessa persona che ha realizzato il primo, e qualcosa mi dice che Joss ha già una base solida per questo nuovo film," spiega la fonte. "In termini di date, penso che ci stiano già lavorando. Sembra che la data d'uscita sarà il 1 maggio 2015, anche se potrebbe cambiare a seconda degli impegni del cast".

Tale data non stupisce affatto: cade esattamente tre anni dopo l'uscita del primo film, e soprattutto due mesi prima la fine del mega-contratto di Whedon con la Disney.

Vi terremo aggiornati...


More From Alexis Denisof On Nabbing “The Other” Role In THE AVENGERS; Talks Prosthetics

In yet another interview, the actor behind Marvel's The Avengers Chitauri leader, The Other, Alexis Denisof now dishes on wearing prosthetics and more. Check it out after the jump!

While speaking with MTV News, actor Alexis Denisof once again elaborated on his role in Marvel's The Avengers movie. Credited as “The Other,” leader of the Chitauri, Denisof recalled going through hours of prosthetics and precisely how longtime friend & collaborator Joss Whedon unusually approached him for the role.

“Normally if something is on [Joss Whedon's] mind he’ll call me about it. And of course I’m always excited. It wouldn’t matter what he was doing, I would want to be part of it.” Recalling how different things were this time, “I received from my agent a single page with some lines that made absolutely no sense to me, and a character called Man #2 (AKA Thanos played by Damion Poitier),” he continues. “And I was like, ‘What the eff is this?’ They sent all this legal stuff I had to sign about not saying anything to anyone.”

After auditioning and eventually landing the part, “We had to cast all these parts of my body that were going to be wearing pieces of formed prosthetic – my arms, my chest, my face,” he added. “Once I put in [the special set of teeth] I had a very distinct lisp and I didn’t think that was how he should sound, so I had to practice with those for quite a few months to get to where I could even talk.”

Taking up to six hours to apply the prosthetics and all “The Other” finishing touches, Denisof says “I couldn’t see a thing. Pretty hard to move, pretty hard to go to the bathroom – a lot of things you don’t think about until you’re all stitched up into a costume like that.” Concluding that it was all worth it in the end, he said “Even when I was shooting it I was excited. To see that huge stage and to be in that place with my dear friend Joss and watch him doing what I know so well he can do on that scale… I was thrilled to be part of it. And then to see it – it blew me away.”

MTV News notes that Alexis Denisof is still contracted to keep quiet about the future of “The Other,” evidently confirming the Chitauri leader will return somewhere throughout Phase Two of Marvel's cinematic universe.
And because he's linked to Thanos, who's guaranteed a role in Guardians of the Galaxy, that may be where he'll also be seen next. Perhaps the aftermath of he and Loki's broken deal will carry over in Thor: The Dark World. However, Marvel's The Avengers sequel is where we'll likely see The Other again. What do you think?
Fissata la data di uscita: 1 maggio 2015

Da Badtaste:

The Avengers 2 arriverà a maggio 2015!

Dopo i rumour di qualche giorno fa, seguiti alla conferma che Joss Whedon scriverà e dirigerà The Avengers 2, i Marvel Studios e la Walt Disney Pictures hanno annunciato oggi ufficialmente la data di uscita dell'atteso kolossal.

Attualmente il film è intitolato Marvel's The Avengers 2, ma si tratta di un "working title" che potrebbe cambiare nel corso dei tre anni che mancano all'uscita del film, fissata ora ufficialmente al 1 maggio 2015 negli Stati Uniti.

Il primo film, uscito il 25 aprile in Italia e il 4 maggio negli Stati Uniti, ha incassato 1.46 miliardi di dollari in tutto il mondo.

Prima del sequel di The Avengers arriveranno al cinema Iron Man 3 (3 maggio 2013 negli USA), Thor: the Dark World (8 novembre 2013), Captain America: the Winter Soldier (4 aprile 2014) e Guardians of the Galaxy (1 maggio 2014). Anche Ant-Man, annunciato al Comic-Con, potrebbe uscire prima del nuovo crossover.
Secondo me Ant-man uscirà prima di Avengers 2
Ottima notizia! Grazie Beast per aver riportato la notizia. Siamo molto curiosi di vedere Avengers 2.

Claudio, speriamo che Ant-Man sia prima, così magari in Avengers 2 avremo anche Ant-Man e Wasp nel cast, anche perchè hanno detto che ci saranno delle new entry, uno sarà sicuramente Falcon che apparirà in Cap 2, quindi di altri i più probabili al momento sono Ant-Man e Wasp e forse Ms Marvel, visto che nella serie animata Avengers Assemble pare che sarà presente, quindi magari prima o poi inseriranno tra le fila del cast anche lei.

Da The Playlist:

Vin Diesel & Clark Gregg Part Of Far-Fetched Rumors To Play Vision In 'The Avengers 2'

With "Iron Man 3" shooting, and "Thor: The Dark World" gearing up later this year, and with no new Marvel movies until 2013, geeks are in a bit of dead zone at the moment. But leave it to Vin Diesel to get nerds to push the glasses up from their nose and hit the interwebs with feverish excitement. The actor recently changed his Facebook profile picture to that of Vision (it has been removed but you can view it here), leading some to think he was giving fans some kind of casting tease and not just posting a picture of a superhero that he likes. Apparently this counts as a "rumor" that he might appear in "The Avengers 2," even though Joss Whedon agreed to write and direct the movie only about a week ago.

Anyway, while we're at it, back in May MTV penned up a rather elaborate theory about why Clark Gregg's Agent Coulson, who may or may not have died off in "The Avengers," could possibly, actually be Vision. You see, Vision "is a synthezoid created by the the evil robot Ultron in order to wreak havoc on Earth's mightiest heroes," and what they suggest is that he was actually a decoy, with his cold and calculating manner all part of larger make up that could possibly mean he's not dead. Meanwhile, a superfan has gone ahead and made a model bust of Gregg as Vision, and you can see that image below (via ComicBookMovie).

All this to say? Some folks have too much time on their hands, and the rumor mongering for the next nearly three years until May 1, 2015 is going to be unbearable.

Joss Whendon parla di Avengers 2, della serie tv e di altri progetti.


Joss Whedon Teases THE AVENGERS Sequel And More

In a poorly translated interview with Marvel's The Avengers writer-director Joss Whedon, he teases the anticipated sequel, a new character addition, and the unnamed TV series. Check it out!

Now that the studio has officially announced Marvel's The Avengers sequel's release date and the original writer-director's return, Joss Whedon took that into account while promoting the box office behemoth's premiere in Japan last week. In speaking with Gizmodo Japan, Whedon not only teased the anticipated sequel with a character addition, but also the unnamed TV series he's developing with Marvel Studios.

I would like to make note that despite Google's translation of the Q&A segment below being barely understandable in some areas, you get the gist of the questions and Whedon's response to them.

Can we expect a larger event, a big team, a big villain in the next film?
“It seems so. Normally It would not be larger because the sequel, and I want to reduce the contrary I believe. Not it but some people listen again to reverse "Then, the volume of the movie?'s Decline" and said that.

I also added a new character, of course, just came across this wonderful cast at the moment. What do they exert a synergistic effect each other I just I also began to explore still. I is not always the size of the scale, just how important is the work you poured the love we have said that. Also on a grand scale, the film itself is the more personal you can also. Because things have been given so much already, I do not need to be an addition. The problem is how do I dig deep.”

It seems there's a television series in production at Marvel Studios?
”Yeah. I do not have to speak about this thing, Marvel now has a new meaning in the entertainment industry by "The Avengers" has been published and can I say one. It has been received to the people rather than mere brand, made ​​with the idea of some kind. It would be very exciting.”

So, how involved are you in other Marvel movies that're being produced in the future?
“We got very deeply involved. My contract is not just simply for making "The Avengers 2" and consulting the whole view of the world. I'll also involved in the TV series so. I'm talking about the movie all the public now and Kevin Feige. I'm also working as lead in "The Avengers 2" and so that none of them is the great work.”

It is that the unity Motaseru(?)
“But I'm not supposed to because they should have their own identity to each franchise, in the same way as all. I'm what you should do while careful work does not fit a certain pattern, so meet the expectations. Dont no if there is something in the "Avengers" in the work of each course. Te going to build a world that is integrated but great fun, be unique all the pieces at the same time, not to something exciting when everyone is gathered.”

Is that all elements of movies and TV shows that are now in "Avengers 2?"
“The advent of these guys (and pointing to a poster of "The Avengers") is conflict. The conflict of characters who are fresh or not, but otherwise, it is their problem with a unique and realistic or not. I knew of their standing position of each character in the story, "The Avengers" series at the same time do not exist elsewhere and not with it. Because there is no need to be able to watch a movie in between who watched "The Avengers" is watched "The Avengers 2".

I think not only contrary to the intention of their own, to put my movie brought something from the other works simply, a smug thing. Even in any movie, it should be approached as I only get one chance only with us this character.”

Il seguito di The Avengers avrà anche alcuni nuovi personaggi tra cui anche una supereroina in più.

Ecco l'articolo da CBM:

Highlights From Joss Whedon's AVENGERS 2 & MARVEL TV Show Japanese Interview

Previously, we had an indecipherable translation of Whedon's interview with Gizmodo Japan but now we have a more intuitive summary of what was discussed. Nothing new on the Avengers 2 front but Whedon did shed some light on his television show.

The Avengers recently opened in Japan and in attendance were Joss Whedon, Kevin Feige and Samuel L. Jackson. Recently, an interview with Whedon made the usual internet rounds, albeit with a less than stellar translation. Well now, we have a basic gist of what was said thanks to Fandango. Unsurprisingly, most of what Whedon said was a reiteration of what's already been stated previously, primarily that the Avengers sequel will be 'smaller' with more of a personal emphasis on the characters. Said Whedon---

"Normally, a sequel is supposed to be bigger than the first film, but I actually think it should be smaller. In saying that though, people might ask 'Is the volume of the film going to decrease?' but that's not the case."

"Of course, new characters will be added but presently we're still trying to figure out how they'll encounter our wonderful cast (referring to the actors from the first film). [The cast] all have tremendous respect for each other and how you work the new characters into that synergy is something I'm still trying to figure out. I think instead of how big of a scale the movie/story is, the most important thing is, how much devotion you can put forth. Films have an ability to be large in scale but also be personal. It's a godsend that makes the issue of adding characters irrelevant. The real question is how deep we can dig down into the story."

Previously Whedon has stated that he would like to add a female character in the Avengers sequel so unless Feige and co. are pulling a 'Kansas City Shuffle' I think that still holds true. Of course, we received news not too far back that Anthony Mckie would be portraying The Falcon in Captain America: The Winter Solder so he too is a candidate for Avengers 2, although it's more likely he'll be conspicuously absent a la War Machine and The Warriors Three.


Intervista integrale a Joss Whendon su Avengers 2, sui film Marvel e sulla serie tv ispirata a The Avengers.

Da Bleedingcool e da LatinoReview:

Joss Whedon Discusses The Avengers, Its Sequel, Marvel On TV And More

With great thanks to Molly and particularly Brian Clark for this great translation, here’s a fluent, very enjoyable English version of a recent interview Joss Whedon gave to Gizmodo in Japan.

It’s Gizmodo’s piece so please at least give their original story a click. All Bleeding Cool (and by we, I mean the Clarks) have done is made it into The English, and we only did that because Gizmodo did such a great job in the first place.

So, read on for fascinating stuff on The Avengers, The Avengers 2 and all that other Marvel business in between, newly in a language that I understand.

Gizmodo (G): The Avengers is the most watched movie in the world at this time, congratulations. During its making did you ever think that it would succeed this much?

Joss Whedon (W): Thank you. To be honest, no one thought that it would be as big of a success as it has been. When making a movie I always tell myself “Everything’s going fine, this is going to be amazing” to get rid of my worries, but Avengers was a hit that really exceeded everyone’s expectations.

G: What did you want to show to the Japanese audience, who isn’t very familiar with these heroes?

W: The first thing I’d like to say is that this movie is very big in scale. But to me there are things about it that are also very small. This is a movie that features its characters at the center after all. The heroes were created by Marvel Comics, and I loved them back when they appeared in comics long ago. But I made this movie for people who aren’t familiar with those heroes and haven’t seen past Marvel Comics movies. At first they really conflict with each other, but in the end it’s a tale of them having to work together.

The thing that I was the most happy with was the chemistry that occurred between the actors on this stage of the Marvel Comics world. So I made this movie with the feeling of inviting in those who weren’t fans of Marvel Comics and these heroes.

G: This is just an assumption, but might you like to set one of your future movies to Japan as well?

W: Yes, it would be very cool if I could! I’d love to have a story set in Cleveland but do the filming in Japan.

G: When you thought about the concerns of society in recent years, did you feel a movie with heroes like the Avengers in it should exist?

W: Of course there’s a part of me that is tired of this world in which people are so conflicted with each other. Superhero comics and movies have implied the bad points of reality in a tough and satirical way. Messages like “Heroes don’t save anything”.

But I wanted to say “No, it’s heroic if everyone combines their strength and works together” through aesthetics in response to these old messages. That sort of thing may not be enough for today’s world, at least not in America. For some reason or another unity itself is treated somewhat like a joke. I think that’s the sort of thing everyone’s looking for.

G: Were you aware of these sorts of things when you were making this movie?

W: Of course I thought about it, but it’s difficult to incorporate current events into the scenarios of a movie that’s going to be shown to the public in 2 years. What I wanted to create was an old fashioned movie like the ones I saw when I was a kid. It’s not that I think things were much better back then, but I do think there are some things that are lost in modern movies. As things that have such a strong cultural identity, they’ve become very inhuman things that are explosion after explosion.

But by looking back into the past, I wanted to grasp hold of more than just nostalgia, but the essence of the values that existed when I was a kid. I think that’s something that’s universal.

G: You reference movies that you saw when you were a kid, but what sorts of movies are you referring to?

W: Movies that gave birth to the ideas behind blockbusters like Star Wars, Indiana Jones and Jaws. They took time to make and were full of unforgettable characters. Movies that are made today are very different. I yearn for those times.

G: A lot of different heroes appear in Avengers, but the spotlight the spotlight really did shine on all of them. Was writing the scenarios particularly difficult?

W: Yeah, writing the scenarios for this movie was nothing but difficult. It was like homework. I didn’t want to include characters that don’t do anything in the movie, because casting these actors and not allowing them to do anything would just be absurd. So thinking about the structure was really like a mathematical puzzle.

But once I figured out everyone’s place, coming up with the characters’ appropriate speech and behaviors was really very easy. I really love these characters too.

G: What type of research did you do in order to make this movie?

W: I did an incredibly large amount of scientific research. I told the staff “Find me words that sound science-y”. I was an English major in college, so I approach movies from a very emotional perspective. At first I was literally writing “Science, science, science” in the dialogue and going back and to fill in the proper wording later. It was purely by good luck that there wasn’t anything in the movie that wasn’t based in realistic practice or theory.

G: The Avengers was filmed in 2D and made 3D in post-production. Why did you choose to do things this way?

W: There are always extra scenes in the credits of all Marvel Comics movies, but actually I directed the one in Thor. At that point it was filmed in 3D but the equipment broke, it took a lot of time, and it was a really big deal.

But current 3D conversion technology is really amazing, and Marvel is very picky. Having a sense for things in a 3D space and filming while feeling that space was a very easy thing for me. I’m just tired of seeing just things flying toward the camera. So I had to make things look good for 3D in 2D. My eyes and senses work that way, so the conversion from 2D was no problem.

G: It was recently announced that you’ll be directing The Avengers 2, but should we be expecting bigger events, a bigger team and a bigger villain for the next movie?

W: It would seem so. Normally you would think a sequel would be bigger, but I was thinking I’d like to do the opposite and go smaller. When I presented that idea I was asked in return “So you’re going to turn down the volume on the movie?”, but that’s not what I meant at all.

Of course new characters will be added. But having just met this wonderful cast, even I’ve just begun groping for a demonstration of what kind of synergy they have together. I’ve said that it’s important to put in not only necessarily always a large scale, but a lot of love. Movies can be on a grand scale but also more personal. I’ve already touched on that, so I don’t really need to go into it again. The issue is really just how deep can I delve in.

G: It seems as though you’ll be collaborating on filming some Marvel Comics TV series as well.

W: That’s right. I can’t talk about that right now, but if I could say one thing it would be that Marvel has brought new meaning to the entertainment industry with The Avengers. It’s not merely pride, but a particular way of thinking. It’s a very exciting thing.

G: How much will you be involved with future Marvel movies?

W: I’ll be very deeply involved. My contract is not simply to make The Avengers 2, but to consult on the entire Marvel world view. So that’s why I’m involved in TV series as well. I’m talking with Kevin [Feige] about all of the future movies that will be released. They’ll all be great movies and we’re cooperating so that they all tie into The Avengers 2.

G: So they’ll all be unified them.

W: Yes. But since they should all have their own unique franchise identities, they can’t all be the same. So we’re continually careful to not have them fall into the same pattern, and we definitely have to meet expectations. Naturally they all have to have ties back to Avengers. It’s very fun creating an integrated world, but at the same time they are each unique. When they’re all together they’ll definitely be exciting.

G: So The Avengers 2 will have elements from all of the movies and TV programs from this point on?

W: Well…[he points to the Avengers poster] they’ll all definitely be in it. Apart from that, the character conflicts will be fresh and their problems will be unique and realistic.

I know where the characters stand within each of their stories, but at the same time the Avengers series has to exist in a different place from those. People who see The Avengers should be able to see The Avengers 2 without seeing the other movies.

As for putting something from all of the other works into my movie, it would not only be inconsistent with my own plans but would also be conceited of me. No matter what the movie, you only have once chance to approach the audience with those characters.

G: Thank you for spending your precious time with us today.

Thank you Joss, Gizmodo and The Clarks.

Sono circolati rumors secondo i quali l'attrice Julie Benz potrebbe interpretare Wasp in Avengers 2, ma sembra che lei al momento non ne sappia nulla...


Julie Benz Would Be Up For Playing 'The Wasp' In Joss Whedon's Sequel To THE AVENGERS

In a chat with fans at the Fan Expo Canada on Thursday, the former Dexter star was asked whether she's talked with Joss Whedon (who she worked with on Buffy and Angel) about playing 'The Wasp' in the 2015 dated sequel to Marvel's The Avengers.

Best known for playing 'Rita Morgan' in Dexter, Julie Benz is no stranger to the superhero genre after roles in No Ordinary Family and Punisher: War Zone. The actress worked with Joss Whedon on both Buffy the Vampire Slayer and Angel, and so it should come as no surprise that she was quizzed on her possible involvement with his planned sequel to Marvel's The Avengers at a fan Q&A at the Fan Expo Canada. When asked if she has heard anything about a possible role in the highly anticipated follow-up (specifically 'The Wasp'), she had this to say.

"No, I haven’t, but I like that rumor. Can we start it? Everybody get your phones out and tweet it, tweet it to Joss Whedon! I don’t even know who Wasp is. Let’s make this happen, people! Let’s see the power of Twitter! I know Joss is on there, I would love that. I would work with [Joss] if he called and read the phone book in his living room."

Would you like to see Julie Benz play 'The Wasp' in the currently untitled sequel to Marvel's The Avengers?

Joss Whendon parla di The Avengers 2, della nuova serie tv sullo S.H.I.E.L.D. e delle scene eliminate di The Avengers.


Joss Whedon Dishes On THE AVENGERS Sequel, S.H.I.E.L.D. TV Pilot And His Marvel Deal

From The Avengers deleted scenes & the anticipated sequel, to the recently announced S.H.I.E.L.D. TV series, writer-director Joss Whedon has also dishes on his exclusive deal with Marvel Studios

In quite a lengthy Q&A session with EW & the New York blog Vulture, the writer and director behind the third-highest grossing film of all time, Marvel's The Avengers, Joss Whedon discussed returning for the currently untitled sequel among other things. Also talking about ABC's recently announced S.H.I.E.L.D. TV series, as well as deleted scenes from the original film that're currently roaming the net, check out what he offers below!

On his three-year exclusive deal with Marvel Studios and the jobs it comes with....
The Avengers sequel, I’m pretty on fire with that. We’re slated to come out May of 2015. Last time [with The Avengers] we started shooting in April, which was pretty hilarious. I wanted to murder people, they wanted to murder me...It was part of what made it attractive to me. I loved the idea of being a consigliere. Every writer loves the idea of being able to go in and fix a problem and then leave without obligation. It's fun! I also love these characters and the Marvel universe, and I grew up reading the books, and I've been going back and reading the old books and realizing that they shaped my storytelling way more than I give them credit for. Now I'm starting up a TV show, which is something I really wanted to do, but I thought it wasn't going to be a part of my life for the next several years. It's like a tapas menus of projects that excite me, in addition to the Avengers sequel, which I'm excited for because I'm incredibly excited about the next story that I'm going to tell. For me, it's a huge win. It is unbelievably daunting, especially because I don't want to lose sight of all the other things I have on my docket and in my heart. So, it's going to be an insane few years, but I feel ready for that. It's an unholy amount of productivity, but as long as I give it all I can, it's a good thing. What's great is that the deal with Marvel is nonspecific, so I will give all I can, but the moment I can't, I just walk away. The moment I say, "You know, I'd like to help more on this project, but I need this time for The Avengers," there's no obligation. It's not like, "You must spend this amount of time on this movie." It's as much as it needs to be.

On ABC green-lighting Marvel's S.H.I.E.L.D. TV pilot in which he's co-writing....
The S.H.I.E.L.D. show kind of dropped in my lap, and I love working in TV. I get to really build a show with people I really trust and love. What we’re building is entirely autonomous from The Avengers. It’s gotta be a show that works for people who haven’t seen the Marvel movies. It will please Marvel fans, I think...So far, it feels just fine. The important thing to me is that we know what the show is. We love what it is. It came together very organically, so when we went in to pitch [to Marvel], it wasn't like, We're trying to find this because you want a TV show, it was, Check this out. And that's a good way to walk in a room. Good support is wonderful, but it's not a hill of beans, because they may give us all this support and then decide, "Eh. Yeah, it's Friday." They might give us all the support and then not do that, but then audiences might go, "Yeahhh … no." You just can't be sure. What I do know is that it's the show it should be, and we've got some really dope notions. It's going to work very well for people who either love the Marvel universe or for people who've never dipped a toe in the Marvel universe.

Intervista completa da Vulture:

Joss Whedon Talks All Things Marvel: The Avengers 2, the S.H.I.E.L.D. Show, and Cut Scenes

By Kyle Buchanan

It's been quite a year for Joss Whedon: Not only has his The Avengers become the third-biggest blockbuster ever, but Whedon also found the time to squeeze in a low-budget take on William Shakespeare's Much Ado About Nothing, and the movie will be premiering soon at the Toronto Film Festival. Whedon spoke to Vulture today in a frank, funny conversation to tout Much Ado, and we'll have plenty more for you on that film next week, but in the meantime, we had to ask Whedon about all things Marvel, since there have been some major developments on that front recently. Read on for his first remarks on these subjects.

Some deleted scenes from The Avengers have found their way online this week, and I was particularly struck by the wraparound sequence that was cut from the film, where Maria Hill (Cobie Smulders) tells the movie's story in flashback and starts things up in a much more moody way. What made you decide to cut it?
Two factors. One: The movie was three hours long. Two: Audiences didn't respond to it as well in the movie as I think they would as a DVD extra. Most of them didn't know who this character was or what the context was, and they were like, Uhhh, I don't know why I'm supposed to be personally involved in this character I don't know. The rollout to the Avengers getting to Loki was so gradual that people were getting restless. I thought Cobie nailed it, and the reason I thought it was necessary is because I was trying to make a war movie and I wanted to give context that something bad had happened in the past. In a war movie, you don't know who's going to live or die, but you do know that this war happened and that [the characters] are going to be in a dire circumstance, and I wanted to create that atmosphere.

I was able to get what I needed without doing that. It was tough. I hated cutting it. I hated cutting the Captain America stuff with the waitress. At least I was able to call Ashley Johnson [who plays the waitress] and tell her that all her stuff was still in Much Ado About Nothing, since she had been cut out of Dollhouse, she had been cut out of The Avengers: "I swear you're still in the Shakespeare movie!" You know, those bits had seemed very personal to me, and part of doing Much Ado was that I could go back to The Avengers and say, "Oh, it's not about me. Even though its my film, it's about the Avengers. I am less important than the needs of the film."

You've always had an ardent fan base, thanks to Buffy, Angel, Firefly, and Dollhouse, but now you've made one of the biggest movies of all-time, a film that almost everyone on earth has seen. Has that sunk in?
It never really has, but when it does, I'm going to become such an enormous dick. [Laughs.] I'm going to have a personal dog polisher and the biggest posse ever. I'm going to be insufferable — well, I mean more insufferable than I already am. You know, at some point, the numbers become meaningless. They're large, and you can't really count that high. I felt like I had a particular mission in making what I felt was a slightly old-fashioned movie, because I grew up wanting to make summer movies and wanting to make superhero movies, and I got to do both at once. I felt like summer movies haven't been what I remember them to be, so I felt like I would love to evoke something that's less hip and ironic and more heartfelt and character-driven, and apparently, other people cared about that in a large way.

I don't think it's a perfect movie. I don't even think it's a great movie. I think it's a great time, and I'm proud of it, but for me, what was exciting is that people don't go to see a movie that many times unless it's pulling on something from within, unless there's a need there. That's very gratifying.

You appeared to be, at least publicly, somewhat on the fence about returning for the Avengers sequel. And now you've committed to much more than just that movie: You're going to be working for Marvel for three years, with creative input on their other projects and a TV show in the works, too. What changed?
It was part of what made it attractive to me. I loved the idea of being a consigliere. Every writer loves the idea of being able to go in and fix a problem and then leave without obligation. It's fun! I also love these characters and the Marvel universe, and I grew up reading the books, and I've been going back and reading the old books and realizing that they shaped my storytelling way more than I give them credit for. Now I'm starting up a TV show, which is something I really wanted to do, but I thought it wasn't going to be a part of my life for the next several years. It's like a tapas menus of projects that excite me, in addition to the Avengers sequel, which I'm excited for because I'm incredibly excited about the next story that I'm going to tell. For me, it's a huge win.

It is unbelievably daunting, especially because I don't want to lose sight of all the other things I have on my docket and in my heart. So, it's going to be an insane few years, but I feel ready for that. It's an unholy amount of productivity, but as long as I give it all I can, it's a good thing. What's great is that the deal with Marvel is nonspecific, so I will give all I can, but the moment I can't, I just walk away. The moment I say, "You know, I'd like to help more on this project, but I need this time for The Avengers," there's no obligation. It's not like, "You must spend this amount of time on this movie." It's as much as it needs to be.

It was just announced that you're co-writing a TV series set in Marvel's S.H.I.E.L.D. organization, and you may direct the pilot, schedule permitting. After all the network conflicts you've had with your other shows, how does it feel to finally be working on a project that may very well get the biggest promotional push of any TV show ever and will most likely not air on a Friday?
[Laughs.] You know, I can't guarantee that any of that will happen! But so far, it feels just fine. The important thing to me is that we know what the show is. We love what it is. It came together very organically, so when we went in to pitch [to Marvel], it wasn't like, We're trying to find this because you want a TV show, it was, Check this out. And that's a good way to walk in a room.

Good support is wonderful, but it's not a hill of beans, because they may give us all this support and then decide, "Eh. Yeah, it's Friday." They might give us all the support and then not do that, but then audiences might go, "Yeahhh … no." You just can't be sure. What I do know is that it's the show it should be, and we've got some really dope notions. It's going to work very well for people who either love the Marvel universe or for people who've never dipped a toe in the Marvel universe.

Da Badtaste:

Joss Whedon sulla Fase Due della Marvel e The Avengers 2

Joss Whedon si trova al Toronto International Film Festival per promuovere il suo film shakespeariano, Molto Rumore per Nulla. La pellicola, lo ricordiamo, è stata girata dal filmmaker a casa sua dopo la fine della lavorazione di The Avengers: d'altronde, ci sono registi che dopo aver finito di girare un blockbuster da 200 milioni di dollari di budget se ne vanno in vacanza alle Barbados, altri si rilassano lavorando a un altro lungometraggio. Questione di stili di vita.

Dato che Whedon, oltre a dirigere The Avengers 2 si occuperà di supervisionare tutte le operazioni collegate alla Fase Due dell'Universo Cinematografico della Marvel, ogni intervista finisce per virare in direzione Iron Man e soci. Dopo il suo commento circa il coinvolgimento, ancora ufficioso, di James Gunn alla regia dei Guardiani della Galassia, il filmmaker illustra ulteriormente il suo coinvolgimento nei piani futuri dei Marvel Studios. Specificando che non agirà di certo come un tiranno:

"Ci sono delle persone dotate d'incredibile talento che stanno scrivendo e girando questi film e non voglio certo essere il tizio temuto da tutti loro, non voglio entrare in una stanza e dire (Whedon simula un pomposo accento britannico) "Oh, io ho il potere di dire cambiate questa cosa!". Non sono quel genere di persona."

Whedon fa poi presumere che la strada che intraprenderanno gli eroi di The Avengers 2 sarà abbastanza tortuosa:

"La creazione della squadra non da vita a un happy ending, ma al principio di qualcosa che è complesso e difficoltoso, e ora devo scavare un po' più in profondità. E forse, mentre scavo, dovrò anche rigirare il coltello nella ferita. Una cosa davvero eccitante per me. E' ancora tutto nelle fasi iniziali di sviluppo della storia. Ma ci sto lavorando praticamente da un'ora prima che firmassi il contratto. Sono letteralmente infuocato. E stiamo già lavorando duramente. Vorremmo tutti evitare la fretta della prima volta."

Ma da Toronto arriva anche la dichiarazione di un altro nome collegato all'Universo Cinematografico della Marvel. Parliamo di colei che da vita sul grande schermo a Pepper Potts, ovvero Gwyneth Paltrow. L'attrice, in Canada per presentare Thanks For Sharing dove ha ritrovato il "Vendicatore" Mark Ruffalo (Hulk), afferma di non essere del tutto certa di riprendere il ruolo di Pepper in futuro:

"Ho appena finito di lavorare a Iron Man 3 che è tutto azione e effetti speciali. Girare qualcosa di estremamente più piccolo, divertente e emozionante come Thanks for Sharing è stato grandioso. Circa The Avengers 2, non saprei, sto diventando troppo vecchia per queste cose, se capite quello che voglio dire."

Prima del sequel di The Avengers (1 maggio 2015) arriveranno al cinema Iron Man 3 (3 maggio 2013 negli USA), Thor: the Dark World (8 novembre 2013), Captain America: the Winter Soldier (4 aprile 2014) e Guardians of the Galaxy (1 maggio 2014). Anche Ant-Man, annunciato al Comic-Con, potrebbe uscire prima del nuovo crossover.
CITAZIONE (veu @ 11/9/2012, 22:40) *
"La creazione della squadra non da vita a un happy ending, ma al principio di qualcosa che è complesso e difficoltoso, e ora devo scavare un po' più in profondità. E forse, mentre scavo, dovrò anche rigirare il coltello nella ferita. Una cosa davvero eccitante per me. E' ancora tutto nelle fasi iniziali di sviluppo della storia. Ma ci sto lavorando praticamente da un'ora prima che firmassi il contratto. Sono letteralmente infuocato. E stiamo già lavorando duramente. Vorremmo tutti evitare la fretta della prima volta."

chissà cosa succederà all'interno del super gruppo shifty.gif
Secondo noi qualche colpo di scena.


Da Badtaste:

Joss Whedon aggiorna ancora su The Avengers 2

Joss Whedon, da Toronto, continua a rilasciare delle stuzzicanti dichiarazioni sulla Fase Due dell'Universo Cinematografico della Marvel e su The Avengers 2.

Dopo l'aggiornamento di un paio di giorni fa, il regista affronta, dalle pagine dell'Huffington Post, il tema della libertà creativa guadagnata sul campo di battaglia:

"Ormai c'è un certo livello di fiducia. Sapete, io e Kevin Feige abbiamo sempre avuto un profondo rispetto reciproco e sul primo film ha fornito un sacco di supporto. Ma c'erano sempre degli aspetti per cui lui diceva "Mmmmh, non ci pare che possa andare". Adesso penso che si trovi più in una posizione per cui pensa "Mmmm, a noi pare che non possa funzionare, ma pensiamo che tu possa farlo".

Dobbiamo specificare come la risposta data da Whedon abbia svicolatato fuoribordo tutto a mancina la parte iniziale del quesito incentrata sulle voci secondo le quali l'Agente Coulson tornerà nei panni di Visione.

Ma come si tradurrà tutta questa libertà? Per spiegare e circostanziare meglio, Joss Whedon cita un'eroina Marvel che difficilmente vedremo sul grande schermo:

"Naturalmente questo non significa che lasceranno correre qualsiasi cosa e che io andrò a inserire i Great Lake Avengers e Squirrel Girl e che voi amerete tutto ciò. Devono crederci. E io voglio fare il film che vogliono loro. E così sarà davvero grandioso. Stiamo già avendo delle chiacchierate all'insegna del "E se fosse così? O magarì così? Pensavo che sarebbe divertente se accadesse che....oooh! ooooooh!". Ormai c'è un elevatissimo livello di fiducia reciproca, ma come accade sempre con ogni valido studio o produttore non è che ti viene consegnato un pass con accesso a tutte le aree."
Donald Duck
Ahahah Squirrel Girl? Magari potrebbe fare una piccola comparsa! laugh.gif
Chissà... al momento è esclusa comunque.

Certo che se la linea di giocattoli dedicata a All Winner Squad (di cui Squirrell Girl fa parte) che sarà lanciata in autunno, e che è già in corso una webserie, farà successo potrebbero anche includerla in qualche film, ma ora come ora ci sono supereroi e supereroine più famosi da portare sul grande schermo. Al momento le candidate più probabili tra le supereroine e che i fans vogliono più vedere al cinema sono Wasp, Ms Marvel e Scarlet Witch (Gamora è già confermata nei Guardiani della Galassia e Medusa e Crystal sicuramente ci saranno negli Inumani quando li faranno)...
Joss Whedon Talks AVENGERS 2, Says He “Desperately Wanted to Say More About These Characters”
by Dave Trumbore Posted: September 19th, 2012 at 5:57 pm

You would think that saying “yes” to returning to direct The Avengers 2 would have come easily to Joss Whedon and you wouldn’t be wrong. But the fan-favorite director of the year’s biggest film did have to mull over the decision a bit before finally accepting. Not that it was a difficult task to turn down gazillions of dollars. But Whedon still seems to carry a chip on his shoulder about past failures that fell by the wayside through no fault of his own. The success of The Avengers was a huge step in giving Whedon creative freedom going forward and it appears as if he’s ready to put his signature mark on the franchise with The Avengers 2. Hit the jump to read comments from Whedon himself on accepting the director’s chair again.

Whedon recently did a number of interviews in which he commented on his thought process on returning to direct The Avengers 2. The first film was certainly a trial for him. NME quotes him as saying that The Avengers was, “an enormous amount of work telling what is ultimately somebody else’s story.” But Whedon seems a bit more enthusiastic and optimistic about the sequel, saying:

“Avengers 2, it wasn’t a tough decision. For a long time I thought, ‘Well, it’s just not going to happen’, [but] when I actually started to consider it, it became so clear that I desperately wanted to say more about these characters.

“It would’ve been an easy no and it was a spectacularly easy yes. There was no wrestling. Either scenario was delightful. It was a win-win, but I’m very excited about it.”

In another interview with CoCreate, Whedon shared an amusing anecdote about his decision making process when presented with the opportunity to return for The Avengers 2:

“There’s a business aspect to it and I would be disingenuous not to say that, but the question for me is, Do I have another story to tell about these people? So we worked on the business side of it and I didn’t think it was going to happen–I was like ‘I’m never going to do this again.’ But once they worked on the business aspect of it I thought that seems fair and cool, so, the question was, Do I have another thing to say? I was in London and I went to a pub and had some fish and chips and a pint and started writing in my notebook. I’m writing if I was going to do this what would I say and 40 minutes later I filled the notebook. So I text my agent and said to make the deal. I’m so in love with that universe and the characters and they way they were played and I have so much more I want to do with them. I know I can’t match the success of the first one but I can try to make a better film and that’s what I’m excited about, that’s the new room of fear I’m entering now.”

The Avengers 2 hits theaters May 1st, 2015.

Da Badtaste:

Louis d'Esposito parla del sequel di Avengers e di Thanos

Louis d'Esposito, intervistato dal magazine spagnolo Cinèpremiere, ha ulteriormente ribadito che in The Avengers 2 potremmo vedere qualche faccia nuova:

Ne abbiamo già discussso e credo che in The Avengers 2 ci saranno nuovi personaggi. Al momento siamo impegnati con la Fase 2, e in particolare con Iron Man 3, Thor: The Dark World e Captain America: The Winter Soldier. Siamo ritornati su questi franchise per espanderli, ma sono quasi certo che The Avengers 2 avrà un paio di facce nuove.

In fase di pre-produzione vagliamo una serie di storie e personaggi da poter sfruttare. Dopodichè ne scegliamo uno soddisfacente. Non c'è una formula segreta. Come ben sapete ci sono tanti eroi che vorremmo vedere sul grande schermo - come Pantera Nera, Pugno d'acciaio, Luke Cage, ma alcuni devono avere la priorità.

Quanto alla scena dopo i titoli di coda, il produttore ha dichiarato:

Credo che la presenza di Thanos abbia incuriosito molto il pubblico. Alla fine di Iron Man, molti non sapevano chi fosse Nick Fury. Ci siamo interrogati su chi potesse servire a generare interesse negli spettatori, da dove partire per narrare loro delle storie.

Sebbene non sia certo il suo coinvolgimento nel sequel del film suI Vendicatori, qualche settimana fa il produttore Kevien Feige si è pronunciato molto sicuro sul fatto che Thanos abbia un ruolo principale nel film sui Guardiani della Galassia, diretto da James Gunn.

Per quanto riguarda The Avengers 2, CBN riporta che Thanos sarà indubbiamente uno dei villain del film, ma per il momento prendete la notizia con le pinze visto che si tratta di semplici rumour.


Da Badtaste:

Joss Whedon era indeciso se dirigere il sequel di The Avengers!

Joss Whedon ha rilasciato una nuova intervista incentrata sul suo film shakespeariano Molto Rumore Per Nulla. Per l'ennesima volta, tutto ha deviato parzialmente in zona Marvel e il regista/sceneggiatore si è ritrovato a parlare della sua riluttanza iniziale nell'accettare la regia di The Avengers 2.

Ecco le sue parole:

"C'è un aspetto finanziario molto importante che ruota attorno a questo film e sarei ingenuo a non ammettere una cosa del genere, ma la domanda che conta per me è "Ho un'altra storia da raccontare a queste persone?" per cui ci siamo ritrovati a lavorare all'aspetto economico della pellicola e sinceramente non pensavo che mi sarei nuovamente trovato a dirigerlo, continuavo a ripetermi "Non accadrà di nuovo". Una volta che la squadra aveva finito di delineare i vari aspetti economici del progetto, ho pensato che fosse una mossa giusta e mi sono ridomandato "Ho altro da dire?". Ero a Londra e così me ne sono andato in un pub a prendermi una pinta di birra e un po' di fish&chips e ho iniziato a scrivere sul mio quaderno degli appunti. Stavo scrivendo cosa avrei raccontato qualora avessi deciso di farlo e 40 minuti dopo avevo riempito tutte le pagine del notebook. Così ho chiamato il mio agente e gli ho detto d'intabulare l'accordo. Sono così innamorato di quest'univereso, dei suoi personaggi, del modo in cui vengono interpretati e voglio fare ancora molte cose con loro. So che forse non portò ripetere il successo della prima pellicola, ma posso provare a fare un film migliore. E questo che mi emoziona, un po' come il timore che provi quando entri in una stanza in cui non sei mai stato prima."
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The Avengers: Jeff White parla di Hulk, New York e del sequel!

Come sapete, in Italia il Blu-Ray di The Avengers è disponibile da un mesetto in Home Video (abbiamo infatti recensito sia l'edizione steelbook che la versione 3D). Negli Stati Uniti il film deve ancora uscire in DVD e Blu-Ray, e così prosegue l'attività di promozione anche attraverso la diffusione di interviste e approfondimenti.

E' il caso di questa interessante roundtable con Jeff White, supervisore agli effetti visivi della Industrial Light & Magic (che potremmo rivedere tra qualche mese agli Oscar, se la Disney proporrà The Avengers per il premio ai migliori VFX), proposta dalla Disney ai lettori di

Nell'intervista scopriamo diversi retroscena sulla realizzazione del kolossal di Joss Whedon. White parla in particolare di Hulk, della costruzione di una New York digitale e della possibilità di lavorare al sequel:

Come avete lavorato con Mark Ruffalo per ottenere una performance convincente per Hulk?

Jeff White: La cosa bella è che abbiamo iniziato il nostro lavoro su di lui guardandolo parlare con Joss Whedon e cercando di registrare le sue espressioni facciali più comuni. Poi ha passato la giornata nella tuta da motion capture legata a un vecchio modello di Hulk. In questo modo poteva muoversi in giro e rendersi conto di come questo performance capture avrebbe funzionato alla fine. Penso che abbia avuto un po' di difficoltà i primi giorni sul set: tutti indossavano quei costumi fichi, e lui invece indossava quella tuta grigia in spandex. Sulla sua testa aveva una tiara che utilizzavamo per registrare i movimenti del capo, e poi aveva molti puntini sul viso per le espressioni. Penso sia stata una esperienza molto complicata per lui, ma una volta che si è abituato la cosa ha iniziato a funzionare alla grande. Ha iniziato a sentirsi a suo agio, e così intorno a ottobre avevamo le specifiche della performance di Hulk pronte. Poi è tornato in Islanda con Joss e hanno registrato l'intera performance in motion capture, con le due cineprese sulla testa: la parte più scomoda. Ma a quel punto era già abituato a quel tipo di processo.

Quello che è interessante è che, come spesso capita con i lavori in motion capture, dal set non provenivano molte foto di Mark. Anche quando il film iniziava ad avviarsi verso la fine della produzione, Hulk è stata una delle ultime cose che avete terminato, giusto?

Jeff White: Lo è stata. Nel senso: ogni inquadratura è stata un work in progress fino alla fine della post-produzione. Spesso mi chiedono quanto ci abbiamo messo a creare Hulk. La verità è che siamo andati avanti a lavorarci fino alla fine perché anche se lo sviluppo iniziale è durato circa sei mesi, intendo il processo di creazione del personaggio, alla fine ogni volta che inserivamo Hulk in una inquadratura non ci piaceva. Per esempio: mettiamo che ci fosse una inquadratura dove lui è girato e la cinepresa è posta in alto. La sua spalla è enorme. Sembra una specie di zucca, mentre la sua testa è piccolina. Così per ogni inquadratura dovevamo rimettere mano per far sì che le proporzioni risultassero corrette. Ma penso che una delle cose più divertenti sia stata… sapete che Mark ha lavorato a moltissimi film, molti dei quali indipendenti, mentre questo è un grosso kolossal ad alto budget pieno di effetti visivi… e lui cercava di rendere la cosa in qualche modo "naturale". E ce l'ha fatta. Una volta che si è sentito a suo agio, e che ha potuto sguinzagliare a pieno la sua performance, penso che il risultato sia stato il meglio che potessimo sperare. Joss ha lavorato molto da vicino con gli animatori, perché si tratta di un processo che va controllato da vicino. Per esempio, le proporzioni del volto di Hulk sono molto superiori a quelle di Mark. Quindi non si trattava di sostituire inquadratura dopo inquadratura Mark con Hulk, ma ogni volta dovevamo chiederci: cosa succederà quando metteremo Hulk? E quando lo illumineremo?

Parlando di differenze tra i vari Hulk… sappiamo tutti che Hulk è stato portato sullo schermo altre volte - cosa non vedevate l'ora di cambiare nella resa del personaggio? E quanto è stato importante per voi metterci del vostro?

Jeff White: Eravamo molto soddisfatti dei previs iniziali perché Josh aveva capito subito il tipo di performance che il pubblico voleva che Hulk eseguisse. Per quanto ci riguarda, abbiamo sviluppato moltissimo il lato tecnologico del personaggio, sia per quanto riguarda il performance capture che il rendering e la simulazione muscolare. Per cui dal nostro punto di vista è stata una occasione per mettere in campo tutte le nostre capacità e le nostre conoscenze. Il mio background è come technical director dei personaggi, quindi sono molto esperto nel rigging, nella simulazione e nell'anatomia, quindi potete immaginare come da questo punto di vista non vedessi l'ora di risolvere i vari problemi che mi avrebbe dato Hulk. In realtà ero la persona più preoccupata a riguardo, ma quando abbiamo visto i primi progetti e abbiamo sovrapposto uno scan desaturato alla figura di Mark Ruffalo, ci siamo resi conto di avere una serie di obiettivi molto tangibili da raggiungere per rendere questo Hulk diverso dai precedenti.

Joss Whedon aveva una idea molto precisa dell'Hulk che voleva ottenere, o vi ha fornito solo qualche suggerimento?

Jeff White: Avevano lavorato con il loro art department giù a Los Angeles, e avevano prodotto alcuni progetti. Noi abbiamo iniziato basandoci su un artwork, una maquette (una statuetta) - una base perfetta sulla quale iniziare. Ma ci sono sempre molti problemi e molte domande a cui trovare delle risposte quando si traduce in 3D e si mette sul grande schermo una maquette come quella. E' per questo che è importante coinvolgere il regista in questo processo, almeno secondo me. Fortunatamente ci siamo basati su una serie di ottime decisioni di design operate da Joss in termini di struttura del corpo e permettendoci di mettere del pelo sul suo corpo. I fan avrebbero potuto reagire davvero male a una immagine di Hulk con del pelo addosso. Se zoomate sull'immagine del suo occhio, vedrete molti dettagli, inclusi dei peletti sul naso. Penso che sia questo a dare molta credibilità al personaggio. Nei previs, poi, avevamo visto che ci sarebbero stati dei primi piani dei piedi, della faccia, delle mani. Quindi abbiamo deciso di non lasciare meno dettagliata alcuna parte del suo corpo. Lo abbiamo costruito dalla testa ai piedi in modo che ogni parte del suo corpo potesse reggere a un primissimo piano.

Con un personaggio come Hulk le proporzioni dell'attore vengono ingigantite, ovviamente. E' ancora un problema, come lo era una volta, in termini di adattare il fisico dell'attore a un personaggio così diverso fisicamente? E come si riflette tutto questo sulla performance dell'attore?

Jeff White: E' proprio in questi casi che si deve pensare all'animazione, è proprio grazie al lavoro degli animatori che viene risolto tutto quanto. I dati del motion capture sono un'ottima base sulla quale partire. E' grazie al motion capture che si ottengono molte delle idiosincrasie della performance e quel genere di cose che si tende a non mettere nell'animazione key frame: rende tutto più confuso in maniera molto organica e naturale. Ma non ci si può limitare ad applicare il movimento e la velocità di Mark Ruffalo su Hulk. Abbiamo cercato di trovare la proporzione giusta ingrandendo il volume di un corpo normale verso le dimensioni di Hulk, si tratta di qualcosa tra i 500 e i 700 chili. Sappiamo quanto velocemente si dovrebbe muovere e fermare un essere umano tra i 50 e i 130 chili, ed è molto diverso. E' proprio per questo che utilizziamo la performance dell'attore come base, specialmente per il volto. Ma ci sono cose che non potevamo fare con il motion capture, come saltare da un edificio all'altro: Mark non era in grado di mimare un salto simile. Ecco quindi che in quei casi l'animazione key frame arrivava al 100%.

Che tipo di consigli avete dato a Mark in modo da lavorare a scene come quella?

Jeff White: Gli davamo oggetti di scena con i quali esercitarsi. Per preparare la scena in cui colpisce ripetutamente Loki, gli abbiamo dato un grosso sacco pieno di sacchetti di noccioline. In generale pensiamo che sia meglio lasciar fare all'attore quello che ritiene giusto, soprattutto perché durante questi esercizi otteniamo degli ottimi riferimenti per quanto riguarda l'interpretazione facciale. Passiamo moltissimo tempo a studiare come, mentre si arrabbia sempre di più, si modificano le sue guance e come si schiariscono mentre la pelle si comprime. Questo genere di cose è oro per noi, come potete immaginare. Prendiamo queste informazioni e le incorporiamo nella realizzazione di Hulk. Siccome spesso prendiamo i dati del motion capture registrati in un momento e li utilizziamo in modo diverso nell'inquadratura, preferiamo lasciare libertà d'interpretazione all'attore, in modo da ottenere la miglior performance. Poi abbiamo degli oggetti di scena con cui interagiscono gli altri attori: quando Hulk regge Thor, sul set avevamo queste enormi mani di gommapiuma. Avevamo anche una controfigura, si chiama Troy ed è gigante, sul set lo posizionavamo sopra una piattaforma in modo che potesse muoversi. Era ottimo per simulare la linea dello sguardo. Avevamo anche un Hulk "da spalla" che Mark poteva indossare che posizionava la testa all'altezza giusta, perché è veramente un grosso problema comporre le inquadratura con una simile creatura nell'immagine. Gli operatori di macchina passavano il tempo a cercare di capire dove si sarebbe trovato Thor e come dovevano inquadrarlo per far vedere Hulk nella posizione che volevamo noi.

Quanto è stato lungo il processo di realizzazione?

Jeff White: Mano a mano che la lavorazione procedeva siamo diventati sempre più veloci a realizzare le inquadrature. Pian piano imparavamo moltissimo su questo processo, su come illuminarlo e come farlo sembrare credibile. Una delle cose più interessanti è il fatto che in un primo momento gestivamo la cosa con il nostro classico approccio nella direzione artistica dell'illuminazione, un metodo molto stilizzato. Il problema è che appariva molto finto sbucava fuori dall'immagine. Alla fine, per far sì che apparisse come gli altri Avengers, abbiamo dovuto appiattire l'illuminazione.

Per serie televisive con attori dal vivo le tempistiche sono relativamente brevi, ma per i Simpson la produzione dura un intero anno. [Per una eventuale serie tv di Hulk] viene da pensare che sarebbe necessario seguire il modello dell'animazione, pur avendo stabilito uno standard per Hulk. Non penso che il pubblico vorrebbe più vedere un Hulk meno realistico o fisicamente veritiero come quello creato per questo film.

Jeff White: Già. No, penso che sarebbe una delle sfide più difficili nel fare una serie tv con Hulk. C'è di mezzo l'animazione, la simulazione e il ritocco finale a mano. E penso che l'aspetto che ci ha fatto perdere più tempo sia stato tutto il lavoro facciale: rendere gli occhi realistici e vedere quanto poi cambiano quando li illumini. Una volta iniziata l'animazione abbiamo provato il prima possibile a inserire una illuminazione, come per la scena nell'interno dell'Helicarrier. Un render normale ti mostra Hulk, puoi vedere tutto ed è molto chiaro. Poi inserisci il modello dentro quella ambientazione e non vedi nulla. I suoi occhi… ci hanno dato moltissimi problemi a causa del sopracciglio. Tutta la luce dall'altro veniva oscurata da questo sopracciglio, e così abbiamo dovuto mettere mano ai piccoli dettagli delle luci nei suoi occhi, fortunatamente eravamo in grado di stabilire dove ciascuna delle alteluci sull'occhio sarebbe andata. E' questo crea una bella differenza quando si cerca di stabilire la linea dello sguardo.

Le fotocamere con cui avete ripreso New York erano più di 100, posizionate dagli operatori su differenti livelli. Ero curioso di sapere come lo avete fatto. Siete saliti sui tetti? Come funzionano queste fotocamere? Immagino siano costose.

Jeff White: No no, sono fotocamere acquistabili da chiunque. Sono Canon 1Ds Mark IIIs, quindi di fascia alta ma comunque acquistabili da chiunque. E poi avevamo una attrezzatura speciale nella quale inserire il braccio: premendo, scattava automaticamente in varie direzioni. Quando dovevamo trovarci sul lato di un edificio, invece, utilizzavamo un controller computerizzato. Premendo GO iniziava a scattare immagini a 360 gradi che ci permettevano di lavorare a inquadrature come quelle in cima ai tetti. Era la parte più difficile. Ma anche trovare le giuste illuminazioni nello stesso momento della giornata per ambientazioni diverse era difficili. Se eravamo all'uscita di un viadotto su Park Avenue, facevamo un lato una mattina, poi andavamo da qualche altra parte e facevamo l'altro lato il giorno successivo alla stessa ora, e devi sperare che il tempo sia lo stesso. Quindi si è trattato di un processo molto lungo lo scattare tutte quelle immagini, anche se comunque abbiamo utilizzato fotocamere comuni.

Quante immagini realizzate a New York City potrebbero essere utilizzate del sequel del film?

Jeff White: Dipende se sarà ambientato a New York City. Nel caso avessero voluto girare ulteriori scene con l'Helicarrier, noi glielo potevamo fornire subito perché ormai lo abbiamo costruito. Abbiamo anche una versione distrutta: se volessero usare l'Helicarrier ancora in futuro potremmo farci molte cose. E l'Helicarrier è stato molto divertente: per le scene in aria era totalmente in CGI, mentre per le scene a terra abbiamo utilizzato un aeroporto in New Mexico. C'era una pista con il suo logo, e alcuni container che dovevano rappresentare la torre di controllo. Alla fine quel pezzettino era l'unica parte reale dell'Helicarrier. Ma il fatto che un pezzo di pista fosse reale ci ha aiutato moltissimo a rendere realistico tutto il resto. Ci serviva per capire il livello di realismo che avevamo raggiunto. Sono tutti elementi che potremmo riutilizzare in futuro.

Sembra che Iron Man sia stato modificato ad ogni sua comparsa sul grande schermo. Pensate che Hulk e l'Helicarrier subiranno gli stessi cambiamenti nel prossimo episodio?

Jeff White: Ovviamente speriamo che Mark Ruffalo torni nel sequel perché altrimenti Hulk cambierebbe tantissimo. Ma anche se siamo arrivati a un livello di realismo molto elevato con Hulk, potremmo ancora fare diversi passi avanti, miglioramenti da apportare. La cosa buona è che abbiamo un'ottima base da cui partire, ora. Possiamo continuare a migliorare il suo aspetto e la sua resa. Per quanto riguarda l'Helicarrier, sono sicuro che potremmo migliorarlo molto. E' una di quelle cose che riesci a fare per il primo film e che poi puoi migliorare per il successivo.

Se in questo momento doveste rimettere mano a Hulk per migliorarlo, quali parti modifichereste?

Jeff White: I capelli e i peli sono stati una delle parti più difficili da realizzare, in particolare i capelli e il modo in cui venivano in ogni inquadratura. Penso che potremmo migliorare moltissimo la simulazione dei capelli, della pelle e dei muscoli sottopelle. Si tratta sempre del livello di dettaglio a cui possiamo arrivare. Alcune delle scene sono state davvero difficili da realizzare, soprattutto dove il sudore inizia a dare un effetto plasticoso e cose di questo tipo. Quindi iniziando a lavorare dalla base che abbiamo ora potremmo raggiungere il livello di dettaglio che avremmo desiderato raggiungere in alcuni primissimi piani, come i piccoli sputacchi sulla pelle e altre cose che vedevamo nelle foto di riferimento ma che non avevamo tempo di realizzare. Sarebbe davvero ottimo avere una nuova opportunità per migliorare il nostro lavoro.

Qual è stata l'inquadratura più difficile da realizzare?

Jeff White: Assolutamente il breve piano sequenza che ci mostra uno dopo l'altro i Vendicatori in azione a New York. Era nel previs originale e sapevamo che sarebbe stata difficilissima. Le inquadrature di base sulle quali dovevamo lavorare erano quelle di Vedova Nera sull'astronavicella aliena, Occhio di Falco in cima al tetto e Thor che colpiva i tizi con il martello alla fine. Noi abbiamo dovuto creare tutto il resto, incluso Captain America, perché la sua scena l'avevamo girata, ma il movimento di macchina era troppo lento e spegneva l'intera sequenza. La cosa veramente difficile di quella sequenza era mantenere alta la tensione e il movimento. Persino per Occhio di Falco avevano costruito un set sull'angolo dell'edificio, ma il movimento di macchina risultava rallentato, così abbiamo rimpiazzato l'intero set con la cima di un edificio in computer grafica, inserendo poi lui in rotoscope. Abbiamo lavorato a quella scena fin dall'inizio, e l'abbiamo terminata l'ultimo giorno di lavorazione. Guardando il making of di quella scena vi renderete conto di quanto poco ci sia di girato realmente, e quanto questo sia diverso nella versione finale. E' stata una bella inquadratura da realizzare perché ci ha permesso di inserire tutto quello che avevamo costruito di New York: le auto distrutte, il fuoco, le esplosioni. E' stato divertentissimo.

Ci sono aspetti tecnici della realizzazione di un film per le quali si formano aspettative, e altri che non si aspetta nessuno e che quando vengono raggiunti risultano veramente spettacolari al cinema. Quali vi danno maggiore soddisfazione?

Jeff White: Ovviamente Hulk appartiene al primo esempio, ma la cosa bella di lavorare a New York è che nessuno ne parlava, e questo per noi è stato un grande risultato in termini di realismo raggiunto. Dovevamo assicurarci che i semafori funzionassero, e che tutti i dettagli fossero perfetti, in modo da rendere New York credibile. Volevamo che la gente non ci pensasse nemmeno. Sapevamo che tutti quanti si sarebbero messi a giudicare il nostro lavoro su Hulk. Quando il primo film è uscito e tutti hanno parlato positivamente di Hulk, abbiamo tirato un sospiro di sollievo: potevano criticare vari aspetti, e invece è andata bene.

In Avengers 2 ci saranno almeno due nuovi eroi tra le fila del supergruppo.

Da Roger Wardell Twitter:

Marvel is keen on atleast 2 new heroes joining in Avengers 2.
E' il Daily Mail a lanciare la bomba: Ms. Marvel potrebbe essere nel sequel di The Avengers.
In un articolo comparso sul giornale inglese, infatti, viene menzionata una notizia di casting:

Le attrici inglesi Emily Blunt e Ruth Wilson si trovano in uno scontro testa a testa per il nuovo ruolo più ambito dalle star di Hollywood. Emily, star di The Young Victoria, e Ruth, comparsa in Luther, sono entrambe in lizza per interpretare la supereroina Ms Marvel in Avengers 2, il sequel di The Avengers.

Ovviamente questo è e rimane un rumour, almeno finchè non arriverà una qualche conferma. Ms Marvel comparve la prima volta nei fumetti della Marvel nel 1968, quando veniva ferita nell'esplosione di uno strumento dei Kree. Il suo DNA si fondeva con quello di Captain Marvel, ottenendo superpoteri.
Il fatto che venga menzionata Emily Blunt confermerebbe la convinzione dei Marvel Studios a dare un ruolo all'attrice in un film dell'Universo Cinematografico: doveva infatti interpretare Vedova Nera, ma impegni con la 20th Century Fox glielo hanno impedito.
Vi terremo aggiornati...
Prima del sequel di The Avengers (1 maggio 2015) arriveranno al cinema Iron Man 3 (3 maggio 2013 negli USA), Thor: the Dark World (8 novembre 2013), Captain America: the Winter Soldier (4 aprile 2014) e Guardians of the Galaxy (1 maggio 2014). Anche Ant-Man, annunciato al Comic-Con, dovrebbe uscire prima del nuovo crossover.

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