Bob Iger è stato avvistato in India nel corso di una visita segreta a un luogo divertimenti locale (un mix tra un parco e un centro commerciale). E' chiaro che questa presenza non può essere casuale, la Disney sta forse pensando a nuovi investimenti in quel Paese? Si vedrà...

Disney CEO Bob Iger visits India, Hint of Things To Come?

News is leaking out of India that Walt Disney Company CEO Bob Iger was spotted making a quick stop at Kingdom of Dreams in Gurgaon. That’s sort of an entertainment center mixed with a mall, not a theme park.

This raises some interesting speculation. Is Disney perhaps interested in making an investment in the company that runs Kingdom of Dreams? Building a themed hotel nearby? Or even considering building a whole theme park and resort in India? Perhaps some combination of all of the above.

Disney has already made some partnerships in India related to film and TV. So further expansion is expected at some point.

Fonte: The Disney Blog