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Annunciato il sequel.

Non č sicurissimo il coinvolgimento della Disney per quanto riguarda la distribuzione USA.

Step Up 4Ever Planned for 2012
Source: Mary
October 27, 2010

While Step Up 3D wasn't a big hit domestically in August, earning just $42 million, the third installment brought in over $118 million overseas for a worldwide total of more than $160 million. Not bad for a film made for $30 million.

Summit Entertainment has put an ad in Variety celebrating the worldwide success of the third film and in the ad, they announce that the studio "looks forward to doing it again in 2012 with 'Step Up 4Ever' in 3D."

While Touchstone Pictures is on the ad, there's no word if the domestic distributor of the first three films will again be involved.

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gią il 4? io non ne ho visto nemmeno 1 eheheh.gif eheheh.gif
Se č bello come l'ultimo (almeno per quanto riguarda musiche & coreografie....spettacolari!!!) non vedo l'ora che esca!!!
Scelta la protagonista. Ancora nessuna notizia se la Disney continuerą in USA a distribuire la serie.

Kathryn McCormick Cast in Step Up 4Ever
Source: Stacey Tookey , Adam Shankman July 6, 2011

Kathryn McCormick, best known for her recent appearances on "So You Think You Can Dance," has joined the tentatively titled Step Up 4Ever as the female lead.

The casting was announced via Twitter by choreographer Stacey Tookey and subsequently confirmed by Rock of Ages director and Step Up franchise producer Adam Shankman.

"Kathryn McCormick isn't just IN Step Up 4," he writes, "She's the female lead. Her audition was fantastic. A star is born."

Little is known about the plot of the Summit Entertainment sequel, but late last year, an ad was placed in Variety announcing that the project was planned for 2012 and music video director Scott Speer was subsequently brought aboard to direct.

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Il film lo distribuisce la Summit quindi lo tolgo dal listino
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