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Pare sia un nuovo segretissimo progetto per Nintendo Wii.

Game site is reporting on an ambitious new “steampunk” Mickey Mouse game in development, codenamed Epic Mickey. Warren Spector (video game superstar behind System Shock, Deus Ex) and Disney’s Junction Point Studios are working on this secret project, in development for Nintendo’s Wii. Artists Tony Pulham, Gary Glover and Fred Gambino are said to be doing development art (click thumbnails above for larger images). For more art and info, click here.

I concept qui sono magnifici:;postcount=109
si l'avevo letto in un altro forum,chissa come sarà?
Le atmosfere mi ricordano hollow bastion di kingdom hearts ! comunque sono belle ........
Le atmosfere mi ricordano hollow bastion di kingdom hearts !

infatti alcuni pensavano che era kingdom hearts 3
WOW!!L'ultima immagine del secondo link è spettacolare!!!! post-6-1111346575.gif post-6-1111346575.gif
Donald Duck
Strabiliante! Fortuna che è per Wii! rolleyes.gif
a me sembra davvero bello... mi fanno un po sendo qui robot convarie teste dei eprsonaggi
Bellissimo, anche se mi sembra un tantinello inquietante... dry.gif
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Scissorhands” November Issue Revealed

by Andy McNamara on October 05, 2009 at 10:12 AM
183 7

The rumors have been flying for months. From the outrageous (some actually thought we were bought by Disney, which was quite funny), to the right on (our forums pieced together all the clues from the last issue), the time has come to lay all rumors to rest. The November cover is indeed, Disney Epic Mickey, coming from Junction Point and Disney Interactive Studios.

This issue is the first of our highly anticipated redesign that subscribers should be receiving around October 12th.

There are a number of other highlights, including a Skate 3 first-look, an in-depth, seven-page report on the relationship between Hollywood and video games, interviews with executives from all three console manufacturers, and much, much more.

But the biggest news is our expanded coverage online that is available to all visitors. Starting at 4PM CST today we will unveil the first companion piece to the magazine: an exclusive video interview with Warren Spector about his relationship with Mickey Mouse, including a portion of his giant Disney memorabilia collection that is housed at Junction Point. We will also have a photo-blog chronicling many of the outstanding pieces in his collection hitting at the same time.

This is just the beginning of our month of Mickey madness that will unfold over the next three plus weeks. So be sure to watch our Disney Epic Mickey landing page over the following month.

We don’t want to spoil what’s to come, but we have some amazing things in store, including screenshots, animations, and tons of concept art and music.

Watch for the issue in your mailbox over the coming weeks and make sure to come to for the latest updates and news.

Oh yeah, and one last thing. All GI covers from here on out will feature a full wrap-around cover. Here is the Mickey cover in all its glory. The best part, and the reason we switched to these, is that the subscriber address label and the UPC will be on the back so it no longer clashes with our wonderful cover art.

Video che contiene concept e musiche.

Indice di tutti gli update (da tenere d'occhio):

Nuove immagini
Ragazzi, la cosa qui sembra davvero grossa...ù

Disney takes Mickey back to his roots
Videogame gives icon retrofit
Mickey Mouse

A rambunctious Mickey Mouse returns to centerstage in Disney’s vidgame 'Epic Mickey.'
Warren Spector

Graham Hopper

The Mouse House will reintroduce its famous mascot in "Epic Mickey," a videogame due late next year that will revive several of the character's key personality traits that have been dulled or forgotten since his introduction in the late 1920s.

While vidgames have become a more important part of the company in recent years, Disney has deliberately avoided casting Mickey in starring roles in its top titles, with the exception of "Kingdom Hearts," a 2002 role-playing collaboration with Square Enix that led to several sequels and combined Disney characters with the "Final Fantasy" franchise.

The reason for leaving him out until now: While Mickey has long been a key symbol for Disney, his personality had been lost over the years.

"He's an image, and he's an icon, but he's not a character anymore," said Warren Spector, VP and creative director of Junction Point Studios, the Disney division making the game, and the well-respected creator of the far more adult vidgame franchises "Deus Ex," "Thief: Deadly Shadows" and "System Shock."

"I want to remind Mickey that he's a hero -- and to be a hero, we need to give him purpose. We need to throw him up against problems worthy of a hero -- not just trying to give Pluto a bath," Spector said. "I want him to be funny. I want him to struggle. I want to 'age him up' a little." But Spector added that the game will enable players to ultimately decide "what makes Mickey cool."

To do that, Disney is reviving the mischievous mouse of cartoon shorts such as "Steamboat Willie" and "The Brave Little Tailor," in which Mickey is portrayed as adventurous and rambunctious. In the game, which will be released exclusively on Nintendo's family-friendly Wii console, Mickey is kidnapped from his home and brought to Cartoon Wasteland, a world that's home to all of Disney's rejected creativity. Armed with a paintbrush and paint thinner, he will interact with the environment, creating and destroying areas and items as he goes, which winds up unleashing an enemy to battle.

The Wasteland is filled with several long-forgotten Disney creations, chief among which will be Oswald the Lucky Rabbit, the cartoon character Walt Disney created before Mickey but lost the rights to in 1928, when the financier and distributor of his films fired him. Disney CEO Bob Iger personally took on the task of reacquiring the rights to Oswald from Universal in 2006.

Oswald is something of an antagonist in "Epic Mickey." He resents his brother's success and the love Walt had for Mickey. The redemption of Oswald is one of the player's chief goals in the game.

Spector is a longtime Mickey fan. His hand in making games like "Deus Ex" is evident in the edgy gameplay of "Epic Mickey." The presentation of Mickey as a character who's not afraid to start a fight may be jarring to people who have grown used to him as the straight man who reacts to the zany antics of Goofy, Donald Duck and his other animated associates. But Disney execs say they don't believe the changes carry any significant risk.

"We designed the game for a certain demographic," said Graham Hopper, exec VP-general manager of Disney Interactive Studios. "This game won't be easily played by a 4- to 5-year-old. You can point to where 'Star Wars' has gone or where properties like Spider-Man have gone -- there are different iterations between the games, the movies and the TV shows."

It's a strategy that's also been adopted by other franchise-holders like Warner Bros.' videogame division, which created a kid-friendly "Lego Batman" and the darker "Batman: Arkham Asylum" in the same year to reach all fans of the Dark Knight.

Disney began brainstorming "Epic Mickey" in 2004, and handed off the property to Spector when the Mouse acquired his Junction Point shingle, based in Austin, Texas, in 2007. Junction Point opened its doors in 2005.

While Disney declined to disclose the budget on "Epic Mickey," "It is receiving an investment appropriate to our company's most valuable character," Hopper said.

"Epic Mickey" is the latest high-profile game to be announced by Disney Interactive Studios, which has been focusing more on developing titles based on its popular animated characters -- Tinker Bell recently bowed in a new game -- and movies, and TV shows that air on Disney Channel.

Initially, Mickey's return to his roots will be strictly a videogame phenomenon. Spector, though, says he hopes the game will serve as a launching pad for a wider rebirth of the character at the Mouse House.

"Realistically, all we're trying to do is make Mickey the game hero he deserves to be," he said. "In my secret heart of hearts, I would love to see a movie or a comicbook -- and I plant that seed everywhere I can around the company and see if it takes root."
Si vabbè, chiedere alla Disney Interactive di fare un gioco serio è come chiedere la luna. Dubito seriamente che siano capaci di tirar fuori qualcosa di "adulto" da Epic Mickey, considerando i gusti in fatto di videogame dei ragazzi oggi...
Bello non vedo l'ora.
mmm... non so perchè ma mi sa tanto di Crash of the titans (che è orrido rispetto ai precedenti!)... però dai questo sembra bellino , ma solo perchè c'è il dottore pazzo , Ade robot (?!? ma da dove l'hanno uscito??) , poi ho visto pure la casa dei fantasmi, e il covo di Malefica l'avete visto? Stupendo! Ma solo per questo, ripeto, il gameplay non so com'è , e la grafica non è certo un capolavoro... Finora... Vedremo .

Game Informer reveals the first information on Epic Mickey
October 15, 2009 by The News Team Filed Under: Wii

As Game Informer has been hyping for weeks now, their latest issue features a huge spread on Epic Mickey. You get your first look at in-game screens and brand-new art, as well as Mickey's redesign, and a host of other characters. Trust me, you're going to want to run out and pick up this issue for yourself, just to get a look at all the visuals!

Obviously, I cannot show you the screens or art on here, but thanks to Hero of Legend, I can give you the first details!

- Mickey's appearance is much, much closer to his original debut style
- Disney was the one to approach Spector
- Spector originally was against the idea of creating a Mickey game, because he said that he didn't do kids games
- Spector changed his mind when Disney said that they were looking for someone to 'reinvigorate' Mickey
- Disney had to get back the rights to Oswald before he could be used in this game
- the sorcerer Yensid creates a pen-and-paper world for his forgotten creations, which is where Oswald lives
- this world is similar to Walt Disney World
- Mickey enters this world through a magic mirror, and accidentally spills paint and paint thinner on the drawing of this world. Mickey escapes before Yensid finds out.
- The spill that Mickey caused ends up turning the drawing into a twisted version of what was originally created.
- the Phantom Blot ends up taking over this world
- many years later, after Mickey becomes successful, he re-enters the mirror and sees what has happened to the world. The Phantom Blot drags Mickey into the world, which is where your adventure begins
- use the Wiimote to paint in buildings, platforms and more
- swipe away enemies with the Wiimote when using paint thinner
- create/destroy the world as you go along
- Junction Point took hundreds of photos while at Disney World in order to capture the essence of the park, and translate ideas into the game
- play the game as you like, either destroying everything in sight, or taking the hero's route. It's completely up to you, and you can mix-and-match play styles
- Gremlin Village is reminiscent of 'It's a Small World'
- Mickey's appearance and stance will change based on the way you play the game
- trade some items for health
- Pete returns, and at one point attacks you with a huge zepplin
- Donald Duck animatronic pieces are scattered throughout one portion of the game. Collect them to put him back together.
- Spector wants this game to scare kids, in some ways
- the game will also have funny parts
- Spector calls the game world's visuals 'the bastard child of Tim Burton and Disney'
- elements of platforming, exploration and role-playing
- go into the inner-workings of some levels and rides
- visit the gears and mechanics underneath the 'It's a Small World' ride, complete with an eerie re-imagining of the music
- enter movie screens to move from in-game island to island
- movie screen transitions put you into a 2d world, where you'll revisit some of Mickey's old cartoons
- find sketches, and bring them to life with your paintbrush
- sketches can be activated to give you new powers (clock sketch to slow time, TV sketch to distract enemies, and more)
- collect 'E-Tickets' to enter rides, and use as a form of currency to buy power-ups
- Jim Dooley 'Pushing Daises' is doing the soundtrack

Warren Spector on Mickey

"I want him to be a hero...and I want to remind him that it's okay to behave badly."

Warren on Oswald

"All he really wants is to be loved by Walt Disney. In the end, the Blot won the war and pushed Oswald into hiding and exile."

Warren on the Gremlins

"The Gremlins are the only forces of good in the world that can continue to fight against the Blot.

Warren on the Bunny Kids

"These are going to be the breakout stars of the game. Mark my words."

Warren on the Buddies (Donald, Goofy, ect.)

"Oswald is trying to recreate Mickey's life, so he has the Mad Doctor build these animatronic versions of his buddies."

Warren on the Mad Doctor

"He's from an early 30's cartoon that is pretty swell."

Warren on the Phantom Blot

"The Phantom Blot has been a consistent villain since 1939. He's just been lame."

Warren on the Blotlings

"They're the popcorn unit. You need something that the player can just swat away. They're supposed to be funny, silly and stupid."

Warren on the Beetleworx

"In order to deal with these guys, you have to erase their painted bits to get to the vulnerable inert spots underneath."

Nuove news
E c'e' anche il sito ufficiale.
Ho appena visto questo video del dietro le quinte del gioco e sembra davvero molto bello.
Epic Mickey a behind the scenes look
Sembra molto bello.
Ed ecco un altro video da E3
Magic Man
Ma perchè fanno video-game Disney solo per la Nintendo Wii?Non possono fare qualcosa di serio per la Playstation?
Hanno fatto un garnde gioco per la PlayStation Kingdom Hearts.
Magic Man
Hanno fatto un garnde gioco per la PlayStation Kingdom Hearts.

Peccato che sia un crossover più che altro,io intendevo un gioco solo della Disney,che ci sono protagonisti SOLO della Disney.
Nuovo trailer italiano
Cambiato l'impostazione per cambiare il carattere di Topolino
Ecco la data italiana
Nuovo Trailer, non vedo l'ora
Ci sono anche i personaggi di classici disney.
Insieme al gioco uscirà anche un fumetto del gioco: Disney Epic Mickey “Tales of the Wasteland”
Introduzione del gioco:
Vedetelo è grandioso!!
Sembra davvero interessante vedere questa riproposizione della filmografia di Topolino in modo inedito ed interattivo.
Mi interessa sempre di più, ma ci sarà anche per pc?
CITAZIONE (Beast @ 17/8/2010, 16:47) *
Mi interessa sempre di più, ma ci sarà anche per pc?

No solo WII.
Peccato, chissà perchè lo fanno per un'unica piattaforma.
Eccolo in italiano
Seconda parte dell'introduzione, in cui compare anche Oswald
Che bello!! Uffa ma quando esce.
Al Tg1 la settimana scorsa hanno fatto un servizio annunciando l'uscita entro la fine dell'anno.
Mickey incontra OSWALD è magnifico! wub.gif
Ho visto il trailer ieri di 6 minuti in italiano.fantastico. ma è solo per wii?
CITAZIONE (Faith @ 8/9/2010, 16:47) *
Ho visto il trailer ieri di 6 minuti in italiano.fantastico. ma è solo per wii?

Sì, purtroppo.
Ecco il trailer italiano
Il gioco uscirà in italia il 25 novembre
peccato che non è per ps3 ...ho la wii ma per un gioco del genere non mi entusiasma ....
Io non vedo l'ora che esce!!!
Che bello!
Capita giusto a fagiolo, dato che mi hanno regalato la Wii per il compleanno!
Se non sbaglio avrà il doppio controllo wii remote + nunchack, vero? Abbastanza scomodo, a dirla tutta... Ma le ambientazioni mi intrigano parecchio, speriamo non sia la solita sòla targata Disney Interactive!
PS: "il grande potere del pennello"... pffffffffahahahahahaha! Ma dai!
CITAZIONE (shaoran-kun @ 18/9/2010, 1:17) *
Se non sbaglio avrà il doppio controllo wii remote + nunchack, vero? Abbastanza scomodo, a dirla tutta... Ma le ambientazioni mi intrigano parecchio, speriamo non sia la solita sòla targata Disney Interactive!
PS: "il grande potere del pennello"... pffffffffahahahahahaha! Ma dai!

Questo ha fatto sbellicare anche me! Non so se avrà anche il Nunchack, il wii remote sicuramente si!
CITAZIONE (shaoran-kun @ 18/9/2010, 2:17) *
Se non sbaglio avrà il doppio controllo wii remote + nunchack, vero? Abbastanza scomodo, a dirla tutta... Ma le ambientazioni mi intrigano parecchio, speriamo non sia la solita sòla targata Disney Interactive!
PS: "il grande potere del pennello"... pffffffffahahahahahaha! Ma dai!

Una volta che ti abbuiti non è scomodo!!
Nuova cover: Bellissima non vedo l'ora di giocare.

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