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Da alcune settimane circolano notizie su una probabile serie tv dedicata al personaggio di Moon Knight. Ieri al D23, in occasione della presentazione della piattaforma Disney +, è stato ufficializzato il progetto, con tanto di logo.

Ripercorriamo i rumors degli ultimi tempi sino alla notizia riportata da DeadLine ieri.

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The studio is reportedly developing a Moon Knight movie at last. We Got This Covered has heard from a source – the same one who told us that Taskmaster will be the villain in Black Widow, that the Endgame re-release post-credits scene would feature the Hulk, and that the real Mandarin will appear in Shang-Chi, all of which were later confirmed – that a live-action project starring the nocturnal crusader is in the very early stages of development. As such, it will likely be a while before it’s officially confirmed and its existence will probably be denied by Kevin Feige (as he so often does with unannounced films) until the studio’s ready to formally reveal it. Apparently, it could potentially end up as a TV show, likely on Disney Plus, but our source says Marvel wants it to be a movie and are hoping to head down that route with it. We’re also told that they’re trying to get a Jewish actor to portray the hero.

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It’d be a pretty meaty role for any actor to tackle and though there’s no confirmation just yet on who may eventually snag it, we’re being told that former Spider-Man star Andrew Garfield is one of several names on the studio’s wishlist. As with all reports of this nature, we imagine both Garfield and Marvel may publicly deny this, but as mentioned above, our source has a pretty strong track record. Even revealing to us the Endgame re-release post-credits scene well before it hit theaters. As such, we’re inclined to believe them.

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We’ve heard a couple of names that the studio apparently has on their wishlist to play the part. One is former Spider-Man star Andrew Garfield and another, apparently, is Joseph Gordon-Levitt of The Dark Knight Rises fame.

La conferma ufficiale ieri:

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‘She-Hulk’, ‘Moon Knight’ & ‘Ms. Marvel’ Live-Action Series In Development For Disney+

Ms. Marvel, She-Hulk and Moon Night are joining the Marvel Cinematic Universe. At Disney’s D23 Expo annual confab, Marvel boss Kevin Feige announced that Ms. Marvel, She-Hulk and Moon Knight live-action series are in development at the upcoming streaming platform Disney+. All are derived from Marvel comics.


Moon Knight aka Marc Spector is a former CIA agent who was almost killed by a terrorist named Bushman. Marc’s life was saved by the Moon God Khonshu. Marc kills Bushman and becomes Moon Knight. Four personalities dominate Marc’s head including Steven Grant, Jake Lockley, and Khonshu and they work with each other and fight for control at various times. Moon Knight was created by Doug Moench and Don Perlin. He first appeared in the August 1975 issue Werewolf by Night #32.



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‘Moon Knight’ Series Rumor Suggests Villain Scarlet Fasinera aka Stained Glass Scarlet Will Appear

Our pals over at MCUCosmic have posted an early character rumor for Marvel’s Moon Knight series for Disney+.

They are claiming that a source has told them that Moon Knight’s baddie Stained Glass Scarlet will show up but the size of the role is currently undetermined.

According to a reliable source, Stained Glass Scarlet will appear in the series. I do not know if she’s the main villain or something different in the story, but she’s been a villain in the Moon Knight comics since her first appearance way back in Moon Knight #14.

Her real name is Scarlet Fasinera, a former nun that uses a crossbow as a weapon of choice but also knows martial arts and uses guns.

Moon Knight has yet to have an official showrunner/writer, director or lead actor announced. However, this could be another sign that casting is currently underway.

It’s likely we’ll see more notable villains in Moon Knight like Raoul Bushman, Randall Spector aka Shadow Knight, Carson Knowles aka Black Spectre, and Robert Markham aka Morpheus.

Here is a rundown of Moon Knight’s origin.

Born in Chicago, Illinois, Marc Spector is a Jewish-American rabbi’s wayward son. As an adult, Spector had been a heavyweight boxer before becoming a U.S. Marine serving in Force Recon, afterward, he left the Marines to become a mercenary occasionally doing work for the CIA. He is a strong and skilled combatant and befriends the mercenary French pilot Jean-Paul DuChamp, whom he affectionately calls “Frenchie”. While working for the African mercenary Raoul Bushman in Egypt, the group stumbles upon an archaeological dig whose crew includes Dr. Peter Alraune and his daughter Marlene Alraune. The dig had uncovered an ancient temple where artifacts included a statue of the Egyptian moon god Khonshu. Intent on looting the dig, Bushman kills Dr. Alraune. In response to Alraune’s murder, Spector challenges Bushman to personal combat and is defeated by Bushman and left to die in the sub-zero temperatures of the desert night.

The Egyptians who worship the ancient gods find Spector and carry him to their temple. Helpless before the statue of Khonshu, Spector’s heart stops. Khonshu appears to him in a vision, offering Spector a second chance at life if he becomes the god’s avatar on Earth. Spector awakens, wraps himself in the silver shroud that covers Khonshu’s statue, and again confronts Bushman. He defeats Bushman and returns to America with Marlene, Frenchie, and the statue of Khonshu. Deciding to become a crimefighter, Spector creates a silver cloaked costume, based on the silver shroud, and becomes Moon Knight aka “The Fist of Khonshu”.

Marvel Studios/Disney have yet to announce when the series will drop on Disney+.

While the series has the working title Good Faith when they hope to begin filming is currently unknown.

Other hard-canon MCU shows coming to Disney+ include The Falcon & The Winter Soldier, WandaVision, Loki, Hawkeye, Ms. Marvel, and She-Hulk.

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