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Ron Howard in Talks for ‘Willow’ Sequel Series at Disney+

Ron Howard and “Solo” writer Jonathan Kasdan are in negotiations for a sequel series to Howard’s 1988 feature “Willow” at Disney+, Variety has confirmed.

The original fantasy film came from a George Lucas story and was produced by Lucasfilm, so a Disney+ series adaptation would seem like a natural fit, given how many other Lucasfilm projects are in the works for the streaming platform.

In an interview on MTV’s “Happy Sad Confused” podcast, Howard said that “serious discussions” were ongoing and confirmed that Warwick Davis, who played the titular character in the original, would be returning.

“Warwick is so cool and so good and he’s such a good actor that I really hope we get the chance to see the mature Willow in action,” Howard said.

“Willow” centers on a dwarf Willow Ufgood (Davis) who reluctantly forced into playing a critical role in protecting a special infant named Elora Danan from an evil queen (Jean Marsh). A prophecy told that Elora would bring the queen’s downfall. Willow is helped along the way by a mercenary swordsman, played by Val Kilmer.

Joanne Whalley, Billy Barty and Kevin Pollak all also starred.

The “Willow” series would be the latest addition to the expansive Disney+ original series slate, which already includes adaptations and spinoffs of a host of Disney properties.

Among the Lucasfilm-produced series set up at Disney+ are “The Mandalorian,” the first ever live-action Star Wars series, written and executive-produced by Jon Favreau, an Untitled Cassian Andor series with Diego Luna, and the return of the beloved animated series “Star Wars: The Clone Wars.”

Disney+ is set to debut in the U.S. on Nov. 12.

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‘Willow’ Series Reboot Based On Film Eyed At Disney+

Willow may be returning to the small screen. A series reboot of the MGM fantasy film from Ron Howard and George Lucas is being considered at Disney+.

Howard, who directed the film from a story by Lucas, told MTV’s Happy Sad Confused podcast that Jon Kasdan, a writer on Howard’s Solo: A Star Wars Story, has been “hounding” him about rebooting the pic for the upcoming Disney+ streaming service.

“I think it’d be a great way to go,” Howard said. “In fact, George always talked about the possibility of a Willow series, and it’d be great and more intimate, and built around that character and some of the others. And Jon Kasdan has, I think, an inspired take on it and it could be really, really cool.”

There have been conversations about the project at Disney+, a source tells Deadline.

The fantasy film starred Warwick Davis as a reluctant farmer who plays a critical role in protecting a special baby from a tyrannical queen who vows to destroy her and take over the world. Val Kilmer, Joanne Whalley, Jean Marsh, and Billy Barty also starred.

Should the project move forward, Howard said the title character would be a more mature Willow, older and wiser and presumably more fast with weaponry than he once was.

Stay tuned.

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Jon Kasdan da Indy l' hanno spostato a lavorare su Willow. biggrin.gif

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Willow 2 Update: Warwick Davis Talks Disney+ Sequel Series Possibilities [Exclusive]

We recently learned from writer Jon Kasdan that pre-production work on the Willow sequel series is underway. There has been much discussion in recent years about a possible follow-up to Ron Howard's beloved 1988 fantasy flick. It seems those plans are finally starting to materialize. The movie's star Warwick Davis has provided us with an update on the project. Davis is very excited about it, but does caution that nothing is set in stone at this point.

I recently had the chance to speak with Warwick Davis in honor of the upcoming Blu-ray release of Maleficent: Mistress of Evil. During the conversation, I asked him about Willow 2 and he was kind enough to explain, not only where it's at currently, but how it came to be in the first place, which largely happened during the production of Solo: A Star Wars Story. Here's what Warwick Davis had to say about it.

"At this stage, nothing is really greenlit, go on the project. It's something we're working hard to develop and push over the line, as far as getting it to become a reality. The stars have aligned, as far as, the right people have come to the table, which is great. A lot of it happened on Solo. The fact that Ron Howard came onto the project. The fact that Jon Kasdan was a writer, and also a huge fan of Willow. It was one of the first things he said to Ron over their first meeting at breakfast was that he loved Willow.
That really hooked Ron into the Solo project a little bit more. During that, George Lucas visited one day to set, and I was actually in my Weazel guise on Solo. So I had the long hair and stuff, and kind of looked a little bit like Willow, I guess. I'm walking off the set, then having Ron Howard, and Kathleen Kennedy, and George, and Jon all kind of talking enthusiastically about bringing Willow back.

It was just a really surreal experience. I would love to come back as the character, not only for me to perform. I would love to revisit that now as older and wiser, but also for the fans as well who have been there since 1988."

Willow centers on a young man named Willow (Warwick Davis) who lives out an adventure that explodes beyond the boundaries of his own hopes and fears in a mythical land filled with magic. The movie wasn't a huge hit at the time, nor did it do terribly well with critics. Yet, over three decades, it has managed to endure. Speaking further, Davis talked about the enduring legacy of the movie all these years later.

"Willow is one of those amazing things that you get to work on, probably only once in a career. It's a movie you put your heart and soul into, and everybody did who worked on that film. It's so gratifying that still, all of these years later, don't forget, that film came out in 1988, people still talk about it with such affection. I still get tweets and people still contact me every day. People approach me in the street. 'Oh, we just watched Willow again last night! It's so great!' People are enjoying seeing it on Disney+ and being able to see it again after all these years. That's really lovely."
The indication is that Willow 2, should it move forward, will be done as a series for Disney+. Plot details are being kept under wraps for the time being. There is also no word on if other cast members from the original, such as Val Kilmer, would return. In the meantime, you can check out Warwick Davis in Maleficent: Mistress of Evil, which is out now on Digital HD and will hit Blu-ray/DVD and 4K Ultra HD on January 14 from Disney.

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Dal sito, l'attore Kevin Pollack parla del fatto che sarebbe disposto a tornare per il sequel:

“If I’m asked, yes, I’d love to do it. It has to be considered a possibility simply because Ron Howard eventually tweeted that he was interested in seeing where Willow is at all these years later. It went from rumors to his showing some interest. I’ve not heard of any production, and I’ve not heard of any scripts being written. When Ron said that he wanted to pick up where all these years later with the same actor, Warwick Davis, as Willow, that was the first hint that the Brownies, Rick Overton and I, may also be invited back.”

“I’ve not heard anything since. I would be 100% open to it, of course. It was an incredibly fun part to play. I’d love to do that again, absolutely.”

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