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Disney Digital Forum _ Universo Disney _ Rich Moore lascia la Disney

Inviato da: veu il 8/4/2019, 22:26

Rich Moore, regista di Ralph e Zootropolis, lascia la Disney e va alla Sony.

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'Wreck-It Ralph' Director Rich Moore Leaves Disney for Sony Pictures Animation

The Moore, the merrier, says SPA.
Rich Moore, the director of Disney hits Wreck-It Ralph and Zootopia, has joined Sony Pictures Animation.

Moore will be developing, producing and directing original animated features for SPA, which made the announcement Monday, and will “also be be available to act in an advisory capacity with ongoing feature film and series-based projects.”

Moore is a big get for SPA, which is riding high from the acclaim and Oscar for its Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse feature. That movie showed the studio was willing, at least in some instances, to back unique creative visions as well as certain producers and directors.

"Rich is a world-class storyteller and he brings with him a wealth of experience and a unique sensibility for story, comedy and heart,” said SPA president Kristine Belson in a statement. “We are so excited for him to join our team of filmmakers at Sony Pictures Animation as we continue to develop a slate of animated features that are big, bold and will take audiences by surprise."

Moore has spent the last 10 years at Disney, having been invited into the fold by John Lasseter, then head of Disney Animation. Moore directed 2012’s Ralph, which proved to be a surprise hit, grossing $471 million and nabbing an Oscar nomination. He then directed Zootopia along with Byron Howard and Jared Bush, a movie that grossed an astounding billion dollars and swept up numerous awards, including an Oscar. Moore also co-directed Ralph Breaks the Internet.

Said Moore in a statement: "Ten years is a long time — but when you’re working on incredible films with people you love as I have these last ten years, that time flies by. I will always cherish my days at the Walt Disney Animation Studios and I leave with the faith that the studio is in good hands. I remain a lifelong Disney Animation fan and look forward to the films they’ll create in the future."

Before his work at Disney, Moore was known for his work with Matt Groening and The Simpsons. He was one of the first three original directors on the long-running show and was involved in the development and production of Futurama.

Inviato da: Fra X il 9/4/2019, 17:59

Ennesimo addio. Chissà che farà alla Sony. Al buon Gendy hanno cassato "Braccio di ferro" e gli fanno fare solo HT! Comunque uno degli artefici di quest' ultimo periodo e "Ralph spaccatutto" secondo me è il miglior classico degli ultimi 15 anni.

Inviato da: Hiroe il 10/4/2019, 22:22

Ma no! Secondo me è una grande perdita, anche se ho apprezzato poco l'ultimo Ralph, mi sarei aspettata molto di più da lui..

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