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Disney Digital Forum _ Marvel & Lucasfilm _ What If... ? (Tv Serie Animata)

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Marvel Studios Brings First Animated Series 'Marvel's What If...?' to Disney+

Also announced today during The Walt Disney Company's Investor Day, Marvel Studios president Kevin Feige teased, "What if Peggy Carter was the one who became a super soldier?"

"Marvel’s What If…?," the first animated series from Marvel Studios and takes inspiration from the comic books of the same name. Each episode will explore a pivotal moment from the Marvel Cinematic Universe and turn it on its head, leading the audience into uncharted territory.

Feige mentioned the first episode would explore what if Peggy Carter was given the super soldier serum and Steve Rogers had stayed a scrawny kid who joined the fight in an armored suit designed by Howard Stark.

Launching on November 12, 2019, at $6.99 a month, Disney+ will be the ultimate streaming destination for movies and shows from Disney, Pixar, Marvel, Star Wars, and National Geographic. From The Walt Disney Company’s Direct-to-Consumer and International segment, Disney+ will offer ad-free programming with a variety of original feature-length films, documentaries, live action and animated series and short-form content, along with unprecedented access to Disney’s incredible library of film and television entertainment. The service will also be the exclusive streaming home for films released by The Walt Disney Studios in 2019 and beyond, including “Captain Marvel,” “Avengers: Endgame,” “Toy Story 4,” “The Lion King,” “Aladdin,” and “Star Wars Episode IX.”

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SDCC 2019: Marvel Studios' 'What If...?' on Disney+ Details Revealed

Streaming exclusively on Disney+, Summer 2021.

Today at San Diego Comic-Con 2019, Marvel Studios took to the stage in Hall H to reveal the upcoming movies and TV shows from the studio – including the next chapter of the Marvel Cinematic Universe and what’s planned for Disney+.

Feige offered new information on Marvel Studios' What If…?, the first animated series in the Marvel Cinematic Universe. What If…? is being created exclusively for Disney+ and features stories that present alternate realities in the Marvel Universe.

Feige mentioned that many actors from across the Marvel Cinematic Universe will reprise their roles as voice talent in the series. He then surprised the audience by bringing Jeffrey Wright to the stage and introducing him as the voice of the popular character The Watcher in the new series.

Marvel Studios' What If…? joins the Disney+ lineup in the summer of 2021.

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Marvel's What If...? Disney+ Series D23 Footage Includes Captain Carter, Marvel Zombies

"The footage sees Iron Man, Hulk, Thor and several key MCU momnents. Jeffrey Wright narrates how time is a [river] of endless possibilities. In animated form, Captain America goes in to get his super soldier transformation but the room explodes. Star-Lord is someone else. Bucky and Cap fight on a train -- because Cap is a Marvel zombie. Peggy Carter gets the super soldier treatment. She is Captain Britain. She stops a car with the shield and flips it over her. THe Watcher is shown. Comic-loke panels make-up the What If...? logo with images from episodes."

Several photos of the presentation quickly made their way online, with one particular image showing Haley Atwell's Agent Peggy Carter Character in her Captain Carter uniform.

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