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SDCC 2019: Marvel Studios' 'Hawkeye' on Disney+ Announced Starring Jeremy Renner

Streaming exclusively on Disney+, Fall 2021.

Today in Hall H at Comic-Con International in San Diego, Marvel Studios’ President Kevin Feige officially announced the lineup of feature films for the next two years and shared exciting new information on the brand-new Marvel Studios’ series created exclusively for Disney+, Disney’s upcoming streaming service launching in the U.S. on November 12.

Jeremy Renner came on stage to reveal the previously undisclosed title of the Hawkeye Disney+ original series. He joined Kevin Feige to share exciting news about Marvel Studios' Hawkeye, including details about Kate Bishop, a character well-known in Marvel Comics, who will be an integral part of the series.

Marvel Studios' Hawkeye launches on Disney+ in the fall of 2021.

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‘Hawkeye’ Disney Plus Series Eyes Hailee Steinfeld for Lead Role (EXCLUSIVE)

Hailee Steinfeld could soon be part of the Marvel family. Variety has learned exclusively from sources that Steinfeld has been offered a lead role in the upcoming “Hawkeye” series at Disney Plus.

The limited series will see Jeremy Renner reprise the role of the titular bow-wielding hero that he has played through multiple films in the Marvel Cinematic Universe, most recently in “Avengers: Edngame.” Should Steinfeld join the series, she would play Kate Bishop. Bishop is a Marvel Comics character who took up the Hawkeye mantle after Clint Barton (Renner). She is also a member of the group known as the Young Avengers.

Starring in the series would likely represent a long-term investment in Steinfeld on Marvel’s part. Given the Disney-owned company’s uncanny ability to build up onscreen franchises around even their lesser-known characters, it is reasonable to assume that the Bishop character would eventually spin off into either her own standalone series or even appear in the MCU.

Reps for Disney Plus and Steinfeld did not immediately respond to Variety‘s request for comment.

This would mark Steinfeld’s second TV starring role. She is the lead in the upcoming Apple series “Dickinson,” in which she will play the famous 19th century poet Emily Dickinson. Steinfeld is primarily known for her film roles. She received an Oscar nomination for her breakout role the Coen brothers’ remake of “True Grit.” She is also known for starring in films such as “The Edge of Seventeen,” “Bumblebee,” the “Pitch Perfect” franchise, and for lending her voice to the Oscar-winning animated film “Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse.” Steinfeld has also enjoyed a successful music career, including her platinum-certified debut single “Love Myself,” double-platinum-selling “Starving” with Grey featuring Zedd, platinum-selling anthem “Most Girls,” and “Let Me Go” featuring Florida Georgia Line.

She is repped by CAA and Hirsch Wallerstein.

Variety exclusively reported on the “Hawkeye” series back in April, with Marvel confirming the news during their Hall H panel at San Diego Comic-Con. There are also Disney Plus limited series one the way that will focus on MCU characters like Falcon and Winter Soldier, as well as Loki, and Vision and Scarlet Witch. Disney announced at D23 that there will be shows based on the Marvel characters Ms. Marvel, Moon Knight, and She-Hulk as well. The series are expected to be six to eight episodes. They will be produced by Marvel Studios and Kevin Feige, who has headed up the MCU for years. The shows are also expected to have large budgets compared to other television projects.

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Serie di artwork, costumi vicinissimi a quelli dei fumetti.

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EXCLUSIVE: Marvel Studios ‘HAWKEYE’ Series Delayed Indefinitely

Production on Marvel Studios planned Disney Plus series, Hawkeye, has been postponed indefinitely. Originally scheduled to begin production this July, the series has now been removed from the studio’s 2020 production schedule.

While the news is sure to disappoint fans, the signs have been pointing towards a possible delay over the past several weeks. The studio has moved Ms. Marvel into an April start of production and is already casting for Moon Knight and She-Hulk, both of which will film ahead of Hawkeye, meaning that while we might not see the Avenging Archer when we thought we would, the big production wheel keeps on turning.

Changes to the future of the Marvel Cinematic Universe necessitated the production delay, which is not the first delay on Hawkeye. The cascading changes, which will allow for some plot points of the larger, ongoing narrative of the MCU to be introduced ahead of the series, have moved Hawkeye quite a way down the production list and, quite possibly, out of 2020 entirely. An indefinite delay does not mean it’s the end for Hawkeye and might give time for Hailee Steinfeld, said to have been in negotiations for series co-lead Kate Bishop, to work out a way to fit the series into her schedule.

Stay tuned for more on this story as it develops.

Pare che la serie su Occhio di Falco sia stata spostata a data da destinarsi...

Peccato perchè sembrava molto interessante...

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Forse forse la Steinfeld è confermata.


HAWKEYE: Hailee Steinfeld Dodges Question About Starring In The Disney+ TV Series

We're not entirely sure whether this is a good or bad thing, but during a recent interview, Bumblebee star Hailee Steinfeld dodged a question about starring in upcoming Disney+ TV series, Hawkeye...

Hailee Steinfeld reportedly remains Marvel Studios' top choice to play Kate Bishop in the upcoming Hawkeye TV series, but her commitments to Apple TV's Dickinson seemingly remain an issue.

Still, we don't know what's been going on behind the scenes over the past few months, and we're sure Kevin Feige and company will have found a way to make this work. The Bumblebee star seems like a perfect fit for the Marvel Cinematic Universe's new Hawkeye, so it's already difficult to imagine anyone else playing the archer on Disney+.

During a recent interview on Sirius XM, Steinfeld was actually asked about her involvement in Hawkeye, and chose her words carefully, using what some could argue is a pretty bizarre excuse!

"You know, right now, I will tell you that music is where my head is at," the actress responded, completely dodging the question. "That's what I'm focused on...that is what is occupying my brain at the moment." That's an effective way of neither confirming nor denying her involvement, and while it's too soon to get excited, we can't help but wonder whether a deal has been finalised.

We'll have to wait and see, but with COVID-19 putting Hollywood on hold, it's hard to say when we'll hear anything official. With any luck, some sort of announcement will be made soon, though.

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Le riprese pare partiranno a settembre e nel cast potrebbe figurare il fratello "oscuro" del''arciere, Trickshot.


Hawkeye, la serie su Occhio di Falco, ora ha un titolo di lavorazione

Le riprese della serie Marvel intitolata Hawkeye, incentrata sul personaggio di Occhio di Falco, dovrebbero iniziare a settembre. E un recente indizio farebbe presupporre che la produzione non dovrebbe subire ritardi.
Poche ore fa, infatti, è emerso in rete il ‘titolo di lavorazione’ — e cioè il nome che verrà utilizzato sul set statunitense — che lo show avrà, ovvero “Anchor Point”. Questa definizione, che in italiano viene tradotta in “punto di ancoraggio”, sta a indicare la parte posteriore della linea di mira dell’arciere, che segue il tiro istintivo e controlla il tiro verso destra e verso sinistra, oltre che nella direzione alto-basso (se volete saperne di più, qui trovate ulteriori dettagli).
Secondo quanto riportato fino ad oggi, la serie vedrà entrare in scena la “erede” di Occhio di Falco (ruolo che, sembra, sia stato offerto a Hailee Steinfeld). Lo show trarrà ispirazione dalla recente run di Matt Fraction e David Aja, nella quale Clint Barton viene affiancato dalla giovane Avenger Kate Bishop, sua apprendista.
In occasione del Comic-Con di San Diego, dove il logotitolo è apparso per la prima volta, Renner aveva definito Kate Bishop una “versione migliore” di Occhio di Falco rispetto a Clint Barton.

In Hawkeye vedremo anche Trickshot?
Secondo un recente rumor, nello show potrebbe fare il suo debutto il personaggio di Barney Barton, noto anche come Trickshot.

Si tratta del fratello maggiore di Clint, apparso in numerose storie in cui era presente il personaggio. Ha incontrato la sua morte per mano di Eggman, ma è tornato in vita pochi anni fa quando ha assunto una nuova e malvagia identità con il nome di Trickshot. Attualmente il personaggio nei fumetti fa parte, come lo stesso Hawkeye, del gruppo dei Dark Avengers controllati da Norman Osborne. Le stesse voci suggeriscono l’introduzione nella serie dell’organizzazione Tracksuit Mafia.
Hawkeye debutterà in streaming su Disney+ dopo buona parte degli altri progetti Marvel già annunciati. Il primo sarà The Falcon and the Winter Soldier, che dovrebbe arrivare quest’anno, cui faranno seguito WandaVision e Loki.

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‘Hawkeye’ Disney+ Series Reportedly Casting The Clown

As Hollywood slowly and carefully starts to reopen pre-production on multiple projects are fast-tracking, and that includes Marvel Studios and their multiple theatrical and Disney+ projects.

One project in the casting phase of its pre-production is Hawkeye, and thanks to a new report from the Illuminerdi, a character familiar to hardcore comic readers could be making an appearance in the series.

According to the site, a new cast listing has emerged looking for a male Eastern European in his 20-30’s to play a character code-named ‘Arek,’ which may be pointing to Kazimierz Kazimierczak, a mercenary known as “the Clown.”

Read: WandaVision’ To Reportedly Be Loosely Based On John Byrne’s “Vision Quest”

For those unfamiliar with Kazimierz Kazimierczak, Fandom has some history on the character who indeed runs into Hawkeye and Kate Bishop in the comics.

Kazimierz Kazimierczak was a young boy who moved to America after his circus family was killed during an armed conflict. A traumatic accident in which his friend Janek died in an explosion in a subway lead Kazimierz to kill people with no apparent reason, from which he learned to make his living by becoming a mercenary.

Time later, he was hired by numerous mob bosses, including the Kingpin, The Owl, and the leader of the “Tracksuit Draculas”, to kill Clint Barton, who recently had interfered in their plans.

He killed Hawkeye’s neighbor, Grills as a way to harass Barton. When he returned to the crime scene along with the “Tracksuit Draculas” while Clint and his neighbors were attending Grill’s funeral, in order to deal with any possible evidence left, he was attacked by Lucky, Hawkeye’s dog, but got away.

The Clown arranged the return of the tracksuits, Ivan Banionis, who was the former owner of Barton’s building in order to lead a massive attack on the building and get it back. The Clown and the mafia raided Barton’s building, but were opposed by heavy resistance from its inhabitants. In the end, Ivan was subdued by Kate Bishop and the Clown was dealt with by Clint while the rest of the neighbors contained the remaining tracksuits until the arrival of the police.

Not much is known on the series at this time but reports earlier this year revealed that Clint’s brother Barney Barton aka Trickshot and the New York crime organization Tracksuit Mafia would make appearances. It is still unknown if any other Avengers or existing characters will make an appearance.

Jeremy Renner is set to return as Clint Barton as he trains a new bow wielder – Kate Bishop who ends up taking the Hawkeye mantle. Mad Men scribe Jonathan Igla will be writing and executive producing the series. Rhys Thomas (Saturday Night Live) as well as directing duo Bert and Bertie (Troop Zero) will be directing multiple episodes.

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Dai che forse è fatta.


HAWKEYE: Hailee Steinfeld Has Reportedly Signed On To Play Kate Bishop In The Disney+ Series

Despite reports that Bumblebee star Hailee Steinfeld was out of the running to play Kate Bishop in Hawkeye, it's now being reported that she's signed on to star in the upcoming Disney+ TV series...

There have been conflicting reports about whether Hailee Steinfeld will star in Marvel Studios' Hawkeye TV series, but The Illuminerdi is reporting that the actress is officially locked in. Now, until the trades report on the deal, it's best to take this with a grain of salt, but the site has a solid track record with casting.

It was previously reported that Steinfeld's deal with Apple TV+ would be problematic for her signing up for a Disney+ TV series, but the hope was always that something might be worked out behind the scenes. Now, it appears as if that is indeed the case, and seeing as she's been Kevin Feige's top choice since day one, he's bound to be happy right now.

In related news, the site also reports that production on Hawkeye is expected to begin this October, so Marvel Studios is clearly hoping to be back at work on these shows sooner rather than later (which hopefully bodes well for the recently delayed The Falcon and The Winter Soldier).

Hawkeye is currently scheduled for a tentative 2021 debut, so between the news about Steinfeld signing up to star and that production start date, things are definitely looking good for the six-part series, which reportedly revolves around Jeremy Renner's Clint Barton passing the Hawkeye mantle to Kate Bishop.

Are you excited to potentially see the Bumblebee star as the MCU's new Hawkeye?

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Quindi è fuori dai giochi per interpretare Biancaneve ....

Inviato da: Daydreamer il 28/7/2020, 18:49

CITAZIONE (Fulvio84 @ 28/7/2020, 18:47) *
Quindi è fuori dai giochi per interpretare Biancaneve ....

Penso fosse solo un fan cast per Biancaneve, la Steinfeld non credo sia mai stata considerata per il ruolo. Inizia ad essere un po' matura ed è troppo sensuale e moderna per il ruolo.

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Non fosse stato per le riprese rimandate a causa del lockdown, Olivia Cooke avrebbe la parte di Kate, che pare confermato sia proprio della Steinfeld.


Hawkeye: Hailee Steinfeld ha ottenuto la parte di Kate Bishop?

Sono diversi mesi che si vocifera il coinvolgimento di Hailee Steinfeld nella serie dei Marvel Studios su Hawkeye, ma ora sembra che l’attrice sia molto vicina a ottenere la parte.
Ieri un sito chiamato Illuminerdi ha pubblicato la notizia secondo cui l’attrice avrebbe ufficialmente firmato il contratto con la Marvel. Il sito in questione tende spesso a riportare semplici voci amplificandole ed esagerandole, e per questo abbiamo atteso nel riportare la notizia. Tuttavia nelle ultime ore Jeremy Conrad di MCU Cosmic si è aggiunto alla discussione, confermando che in effetti l’attrice ha firmato:
La settimana scorsa una mia fonte mi ha detto che questa settimana sarebbe successo qualcosa di grosso. Quando Illuminerdi ha dato la notizia, ho verificato con la mia fonte che mi ha confermato la veridicità della storia, pur affermando che l’attrice non aveva ancora firmato il contratto. […] A quel punto ho scritto anch’io un pezzo, spiegando che la cosa non era ancora ufficiale per via del contratto non ancora firmato. Un’ora e mezza più tardi, la mia fonte mi ha ricontattato dicendo “È fatta!”, e cioè che l’attrice ha firmato.
Tempo fa si era detto che probabilmente la Steinfeld non avrebbe potuto lavorare alla serie. Ma le cose sembrano cambiate:
In molti dicono che non è possibile, perché tempo fa sembrava che Hailee avesse perso la parte. In effetti, qualche mese fa stava andando effettivamente così. Se le riprese si fossero tenute in estate (Renner aveva pubblicato dei post a marzo spiegando che si stava allenando per le riprese), non sarebbe stata disponibile.
A febbraio la Marvel ha incontrato altre attrici per via dei problemi di Hailee con gli altri suoi impegni. Quando a marzo è iniziato il lockdown, Hailee doveva incontrare la Marvel di nuovo, ma è stato tutto rinviato. Se non ci fosse stato il lockdown e la produzione non fosse stata rinviata all’autunno, probabilmente Olivia Cooke sarebbe diventata Kate Bishop. Ma ora che è slittato tutto, la Marvel ha potuto rispettare il suo desiderio iniziale di coinvolgere Hailee per la parte di Kate, la loro prima scelta.
Ovviamente, finché non arriverà una notizia ufficiale tratteremo la cosa ancora come un rumour, tuttavia la cosa inizia a sembrare piuttosto certa.
Kate Bishop, lo ricordiamo, è una sorta di “erede” di Occhio di Falco. La serie trarrà infatti ispirazione dalla recente run di Matt Fraction e David Aja, nella quale Clint Barton viene affiancato dalla giovane Avenger Kate Bishop, sua apprendista. Nello show potrebbe anche fare il suo debutto il personaggio di Barney Barton, noto anche come Trickshot.
A occuparsi della regia di alcuni episodi vi saranno Bert and Bertie (il duo britannico composto da Amber Finlayson – Bert – e Katie Ellwood – Bertie – note per aver diretto la comedy Troop Zero) e Rhys Thomas (Comrade Detective).
Le riprese di Hawkeye inizieranno più avanti quest’anno, la serie debutterà su Disney+ nel 2021.

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