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Inviato da: veu il 27/5/2019, 0:16

E' previsto un revival del musical Aida che arriverà a Broadway nel 2021.

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A rumor, but on pretty good authority: Disney Theatrical will launch a national tour of Elton John and Tim Rice’s “Aida” in 2021. Schele Williams, who performed in the original Broadway production, will direct.

“Aida” opened in 2000, won four Tony Awards and ran nearly five years. It never escaped the shadow of “The Lion King,” but the score has worn well. I played the CD yesterday and enjoyed the powerful “Easy as Life,” the snappy “My Strongest Suit” and the lovely duet “Written in the Stars.”

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“I love Aida. We’re in the middle of developing Aida. We are going to do a reading very soon. David Henry Hwang is doing some stuff with the script. The director is Schele Williams, who was Nehebka in the original production. We’ve been meeting over the years about lots of things; she’s spectacular. I’ve been talking to [designer] Bob Crowley a lot because we want to keep the essence of what he had created originally, but, of course, for today. These things are all in the cooker.”

Inviato da: Daydreamer il 27/5/2019, 23:08

Magari ne facessero un bel film in live action!

Inviato da: veu il 27/5/2019, 23:40

Anche a noi piacerebbe molto!
Sono secoli che vorremmo Aida versione film (live action o animata, ma crediamo più probabile live action), almeno per il servizio streaming

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